Instinct-1The snow shoveling workouts have started across North Iowa today after getting more than a good helping of snow.  I really don’t mind shoveling snow as long as it isn’t the sticky, wet, and heavy type that we received.  One almost has to do a half scoop instead of a full just because of its sticky weight. I looked at the weather forecast for the next ten days and it appears the temps will be well above freezing which should get rid of all or most of what we received.  Times when we’re overly tired from both menial and mental work is when we get a little snippy.  Someone happened to laughingly mention how a church service today was over 40 minutes late in getting started.  I didn’t think that was funny at all and made a few sharp remarks concerning the disregard some have for many of the elderly who likely depend on rides or have more strict regimens to follow during the sun setting days of their lives.  Nearly all of our churches today conduct themselves more in a corporate fashion to where they focus on their profit and loss statements more than the soulful needs of their congregations.  The mentality of shepherding religious flocks went out the window years ago.  There’s too many deeply entrenched within inner circles who believe they know what’s best for the whole group and they’ll do anything and everything to make sure their wishes are followed.  It didn’t surprise me a bit in reading some months ago a recent publication which spoke about how many Americans are falling away from their faiths.  Far too many enter the religious life for reasons other than what I used to consider a real calling to serve others selflessly. I’m sure my sharp remarks to the laughing lady will have been passed around town a few times before the sun rises tomorrow.  Sometimes it’s OK to say what we mean and mean what we say.  In thinking about it, I apologize a little for the delivery, but not the message.

There was one overlooked feature I discovered today at my public open house at 1403 S. Kentucky.  As the low afternoon sun was coming around the house, I discovered the most wonderful filling up of the living room with an enchanting natural sunlight.  The more I noticed it, the more it became almost surrealistic.  I felt as though I was standing before a giant-sized painting of a living room.  Of all times, I didn’t have my camera to take a few photos to share.  I know more fully now why the current owners loved living there so many years.  The positioning of the home farther off the street along with the extra elevation gives it a better opportunity to take in natural light.  I’ll never forget the experience I had in that living room today.

Later this morning I received a call from one of my dear and most intelligent friends who lives out of State.  Her topic today was on what we’d talked about some months ago and that was regarding morphic resonance.  She mentioned how all the more she’s studied family histories as well as how plants, and especially animals just “know” what they must do.  I agreed and went on to say, “How about if we conducted an experiment with wild goose eggs to where we would gather eggs that were abandoned during the laying season as far away as northern Canada, bring them back to Mason City, incubate them, and when fully grown, free them back into the wild.”  My question to you is, “Will they migrate back to northern Canada in the Spring after flying South?”  If they do, then there must have been something else passed on in those eggs along with the blueprint for physical growth. Biologist call it instinct but that’s pretty hard to quantify.  We as humans say we have an instinct about things, but where does it really come from?  Could that blueprint for life via the egg be more than biological?  I believe a very primitive form of basic memory in the form of a yet to be discovered energy is passed on and subsequently dubbed “instinct” by our scientific world.  I did get a good lift during a much needed debate after the tedious hours of shoveling heavy snow.

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