Misty Flowers

FlowersSome days are just plain gray from the beginning to the end and I think today was one of them. I believe we’ll agree it’s time for the rain to stop for a while. Interacting with clients and customers on days like these normally one finds them to be a bit on the reticent side. E-mails and text messages are oft times worst and causes one to momentarily think they’re angry about something but quickly dismiss the thought simply because of a penetratingly wet and overcast day.

Even the best laid plans can send us spinning off in another directions with more important jobs such as finally catching up with people I’ve been trying to contact and somehow they were available today. Always expecting to stay a few moments, turns into an hour or more. I was hoping to have a charming little two bedroom listed soon but the owners decided to keep it and rent it to their son. I’m happy for them. I’m afraid to say many of the charming 2 bedroom starter homes are getting snapped up by some of the investors who are ever-hungry for more. I sold a home today to a younger man who’s decided to have one rental property. What I appreciate about him is the great detail and high standards he has with whatever he sets his mind to when it comes to his job as well as his home. I’m sure he’ll do a great job in getting the home in shape and will likely find a tenant who’ll appreciate his hard work.

Another home where I stopped today was to visit with one of the relatives about the necessary improvements needed to help the home sell. Delightfully charming lady who had many stories to tell about her parents and grandparents who lived in the home.  She wanted to show me some things in the basement and to my astonishment, there were a handful of glass top jars on a shelf that were still intact with the rubber seals and shockingly old food in them. One of them had what looked like sliced beets which are now dark brown, rhubarb sauce that lost most of its color, and some very dark and round things of which I have no idea what they were. She thought her grandmother canned them over 40+ years ago. That’s quite a testament for the sealing abilities of glass top fruit jars. I’ve seen old jars with metal rings and lids get to the point where the acidity in the jars started eating into the metal lids. I found today that the glass tops are more resilient to that type of decomposition. It’s good to learn something new every day especially finding that some of the old ways were better ways.

I showed several homes this afternoon to a young man and when outside found a perennial flowerbed that had been somewhat neglected. The number of different types told me the owner was quite the flower gardener at one time. Most people when viewing perennials have absolutely no idea of the cost of perennial flowers today.  My listing at 50 Winnebago Court has likely hundreds of dollars worth of perennials in the back yard. Seeing what one plant costs in a greenhouse will surely bring most up to speed.

I actually caught on camera a blooming beauty today in spite of the continued light rain and dark skies. The flower colors are more vibrant when under the backdrop of gray skies as you can see with today’s misty flowers. What a good reason to be out in the rain.

Joe Chodur

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