White Noise

white-noiceEvery so often we encounter people whom we either automatically connect with, or we instantly find ourselves filled with a desire to become distant. Some have said it is a sub-conscious reaction whereby that person has some core reminder in them of their being something about that person which awakens a bad situation or unfortunate relationship that likely happened years before. We encounter people who have facial features reminiscent of someone else. There is also the memory of someone else’s voice when listening to another speak or sing. Even the way someone walks as well as similar facial expressions. There is even one of the most primitive of all memories that tells us of the similar smell of another.

Then we come to the people that have some sort of invisible as well as non-registrable energy being emitted from them that repulses us. Have you ever noticed how some people attempt to keep their physical distance from another? They used to call it the three foot zone. Unfortunately, our society has become so causal when interacting with others that the three foot zone is not often followed.

One of the most annoying forms of behavior in others is when I encounter someone in the line of my work who speaks normally, yet when looking at them, the words coming out of their mouths doesn’t seem to match what is going on in that person’s mind. Sometimes I actually ask someone to repeat what they said for fear I missed something. The repeat is just as the first statement. So then I consider, “What is going on in those minds.” Are we becoming so much into the multi-tasking due to the media blizzards that surround us that some minds are actually creating conversations while they are busy thinking about something else?

There was a prospective tenant looking for an apartment that arrived at my office several evenings ago. The more I questioned him, the more I was being bombarded with more information about him that I cared not to even hear. Each time I looked at him while speaking, I had that feeling he was telling me something from rote. It was as if he was simply generating sentences that were memorized. What caused the red flag to go up with me was when he told me the name of the city where he spent most of his life. There are many towns and cities that are pronounced differently than they would normally sound by the true natives of those communities. So much for listening to what I considered “white noise”. It’s almost about as useful as attempting to watch an old black and white TV that has nearly no reception. You can make out bits and pieces but left with nothing more than useless white noise.

Joe Chodur

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