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CandleI read a brief history several days past of a very loving person who died centuries ago and renowned by his contemporaries as one who believed that the true self-less love of humanity was the cornerstone in the creation of pure love. He believed that relationships were precious and required continuous nurturing. He said in one of his writing that he felt at times his heart was on fire with love he was receiving from others. We find quite the opposite so often in today’s world. We love our houses, our vehicles, our toys, our money, and our personal achievements; but do we truly love ourselves? I think sometimes we circle ourselves with all the “dead stuff” because we can’t remember how to surround ourselves with the “live stuff”. Have you ever noticed how children are so curious about animals and plants? I remember visiting nieces and nephews over the years being captivated by the barn-yard animals. Wide-eyed and filled with curiosity was what I often remember. Those are memories to be cherished. Children have the basic need to explore and discover so that they as well learn that they are not the center of the universe. One of my nieces in particular was the most curious. Today, she is likely one of the five most gifted individuals I personally know. Today, I encountered an older gentleman while doing some lunch hour shopping whom I have known for about five years. We had a very nice chat but when I asked him about his plans for Christmas, I could sense his dis-appointment. His children do all of their inter-family “stuff” on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and then days later time is spent with him. That goes so much against my grain. I personally have relatives who fuss constantly over their children and grandchildren, yet they don’t pay any more than minimal attention to their elder family members. After hearing the story of his Christmas today, I have already changed one person’s Christmas and I am going to work up to and including Christmas Day in making other’s Christmas memorable. I’m not and angel or saint, but if each of us would light one candle for another, perhaps our world would be brighter.

Joe Chodur

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