The Essence of Space

SEA_1404-EditIt has been in vogue this past decade or more the introduction and use of Feng Shui techniques in creating a home or office space that is more “in balance”. Having viewed countless number of homes my many years of selling real estate, I can recount times when there were things that were happening with the sale that just didn’t “fit” within the normal marketing of a given property. I’m sure nearly everyone can remember a time when something just didn’t set well with them when viewing a property. The interesting part of it is that we didn’t even know why we felt that way we did after later thinking about it.

Sensitives consider it to be trace energies of past occupants. Others consider it to be the flow of floor plan of structures, and even others say it’s in the soil. I have to laugh to myself whenever I show homes that were built prior to likely 1950 and someone asking me if there was a death in the house. Before that decade, nearly everyone died at home. The doctor was called to assist when death was approaching. I remember my Grandmother telling stories of wakes in the homes of relatives who died when she was a young woman. Hearing her stories about death sounded more like a celebration. And yes, it likely was because of the way people regarded death in those days—it was just a part of life. I think corporate America has done much to separate the living from those who are in the throws of death. The reason I speak of these things, is because I had a superb conversation with yet another woman of substance today. We spoke about much including the similar paths we walked. In a day of snows I had my laughs. She said something that really stuck with me. Her comment was, “I’ve wheedled my way into more homes in this city because I love the architecture as well as the wood, but I also know that there are homes that have good energy and bad. I’m very familiar with bad energy and know how to take care of it.” It may sound crazy but this woman has more understandings of the workings of the world in her little finger than most have in their entire body. She really is a gem and I wish I could clone her. She has an infectious laugh that is contagious. I have sorted through her words and have come to the conclusion that it’s all about the essence of space that surrounds us. We will speak more about this in other articles in the future.

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