It has yet again been confirmed that my most un-liked month of the year is November. Today is the 21st day of November and it feels as though I have already endured 40 days. Since I was a but a young and impressionable child, I remember telling my Mother that I hated the month of November. She responded by saying, “What has the month of November ever done to you?” I said, “It’s because everyone is crabby and the skies are too dark and gray.” Well, for better or worse, I have many of the similar feelings now as I did then. I spoke with one of my beloved clients today whose family’s enterprise has done very well simply because they are hard working and extremely honest. We even compared stories about not being able to sleep at night because of something we “thought” we had done wrong. I laughed my first laugh for the day after the sun was already set. Since business is business in whatever profession we are in when dealing with the general public,nearly everyone and anyone in business can spend months comparing stories and get great laughs. I interjected in speaking with my client on the phone saying, “If I sound a bit hard and snippy, please don’t take it personal—it’s simply due to my having a trying month.” On the positive side of the dark month of November, I again learned myself to find things to do that would create a counter-balance. This year I learned how to mentally place a mean-spirited person in my “mental naughty monkey cage” without too much effort. This person will always be at my arm’s length. So, if any of my dear readers want to learn how to do something either new or better; just set aside the dark month of November to do it.

Joe Chodur

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