Spring sprucing up

Seems this winter not wanting to let go, leaves us in the state of cabin fever. Everyone wants to get outside and do something.  Well, before you put on your walking shoes, step back and take a look at the inside of your home. Remember, it’s been months and months since you’ve had the windows open and there’s likely a film of dust on everything due to your furnace re-distributing the trapped air.  What will help you stay focused on this daunting task of whole house cleaning is to take one or two rooms a day.  Get each one cleaned from top to bottom, close the door, and move on to the next the following day.  After about a week, you’ll look back and see you’ve got a sparkling clean home that’s ready for the Spring/Summer season. Remember to change the air filter on your furnace.  You don’t want to re-distribute the old dust particles.

Joe Chodur

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