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    First of all....Joe Chodur really doesn't like talking about himself but this is what we have found out about him.

    Joe Chodur began his real estate career in 1981 during the height of the savings and loan crisis. It's hard to imagine how difficult it was to sell homes when the 30 year fixed interest rate was hovering around 16%. At that time, the market was being flooded with foreclosures and the banks were tightening up their loan requirements. It was an uphill battle finding qualified buyers when the market was saturated with homes for sale. Joe soon realized that his past experience in the banking industry helped him with pre-qualifying buyers and getting over the high credit standards the banks had in place. His persistence worked for him as the economy began to turn around. Always watching and listening to the buyers reactions when showing them properties helped Joe to sharpen his skills in finding the right home for the right price. Too many times agents “pigeon hole” what THEY believe a buyer is looking for based on age, income, family members, and income levels. Not so. All buyers have their own specific criteria of what they expect in the home of their dreams.

    Joe Chodur has always placed the client and customer's desires ahead of his own. Joe goes to great lengths in visiting with prospective sellers about what to do and what not to do in preparing their homes for sale. It is crucial to have a competitive edge on the market. Yes, most of the time the sellers will listen. But there have unfortunate times, when the sellers didn't listen to the voice of experience and subsequently receive a far lesser price for the home when it finally sells. The win/win phrase has been too often mis-used by real estate agents. A true double win situation is to have a seamless sales transaction all the way thru closing date.

    Society today has placed the definition of success as something that is too much income based. Joe Chodur's definition of success is to look back on the many years of doing business in North Iowa and see all the buyers and sellers that have benefited from his guidance thru their purchase or sale of homes. Joe believes his success is merely a by-product of the success of his long term clients and customers. And for that, Joe is very thankful and grateful. Every day, you'll find Joe Chodur continuing to work at providing the absolute best service for his clients and customers here in Mason City and the North Iowa area. He doesn't do it any other way.

    So... you've just got a glimpse of Joe Chodur. But the real discovery, is that he has sold more homes than any other agent in North Iowa since the beginning of record keeping of real estate sales. Wow! That's really telling us something...don't you think he's been doing something right?

    Shhhhhh....Don't tell Joe I told you this.

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