It’s a Greater Key to Success

Another below zero morning arrived, so yours truly donned my extra layer of clothing which seems to be those ever-ready items to grab before heading out the door. The light dusting of snow we received last night wasn’t the least bit welcomed because it blanketed slick patches of ice, and more than once while out shoveling, I had to catch myself just to keep from falling, but thankfully did get it done without any mishaps.

Another Sunday of my contemplative prayer session took place which was all good. There were several more intentions being sent out which had to do with several who’re suffering. Even if they help in the least bit, it’ll be one more example of the power of selfless prayer. In spite of the number of people who tell me they no longer go to church, they still hold strong beliefs in a higher power which should be good enough for just about anyone.

After my shoveling and spiritual session was completed, I went back to work on my taxes which as of early this afternoon, they’re now readied for the tax person with the exception of some documents I’ve yet to receive which should be soon arriving by mail. Our government must’ve changed some of the laws regarding reporting because those notifications were always to be sent out before the end of January, but in recent years, they seem to be arriving much later.

While busy working on my taxes, my thoughts went back to a story told me this past week about a home that a friend of one of my clients has been getting ready to work on which was broken into by what appeared to be devils driving snowmobiles in the night. Oh how many times I’ve heard stories over the years of such happenings in both towns and countrysides, which is why I truly despise the way in which those “mobilers” think they have a license to ride across any private property they want, and think it’s just Ok.  From what was said, the only things they took were old pieces of copper pipe and some junked faucets which were in a box.

The words of one of my dear friends came to mind when mentioning how many more thieves and squatters we have in North Iowa, and since the price of metals have gone up, we’re going to be seeing more of such larceny in the night. What I did say to my client while shaking my head was, “Breaking into that home and stealing metal which wouldn’t bring enough to pay for the gas their snowmobiles used to take them there and back, is completely irrational in my book.” Yes, every time I hear snowmobilers running up and down streets in the middle of the night, I immediately think they’re up to no good.

With all this political polarizing that going on, you would think our general public would come together as a whole and go to work at getting rid of such mindsets instead of leaving them to their nighttime thieveries. The top three deep hatreds I have of certain humans, are those being murderers, rapists and thieves.

Considering how many companies are begging for help, I’m relatively convinced the thieves we have running around, are likely hard-core addicts who’re so fiercely independent, they’d rather live from day to day by taking their chances at getting caught while breaking into someone’s home or business, rather than have to follow any rules of behavior. It’s sort of like what we’ve heard from the screaming mouths of others being, “You ain’t gonna tell me what to do!” Well, such independence comes more sooner than later with a price, and good for them when they’re finally caught and punished.

I called a friend of mine to let her know I was dropping off a small gift for her and a relative who’s been a long-time client/customer of mine, and since tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, I felt it the best time to do it. I’m confident my little gift will be well-received by the both of them.

One of my relatives happens to be in one of our nursing homes, so I placed a call to ask if it would be OK if I stopped for a visit, and as chance would have it, another relative was there, so I headed over.  Expecting to be there only a half hour, I ended up staying well over an hour, but it was all good because we had many fond memories to share, and since I’d not seen my cousin in a very many years, there was a great deal of catching up to do. Before leaving, I did promise to stop by again, and it likely being another Sunday afternoon. I was a bit teary-eyed when hearing how much they appreciated my stopping by. Yes, they certainly are good folks.

While on my way home, my budding cello student asked if I had time to stop by and help with several music-reading issues, so I did. It didn’t take long getting it explained, so while I was there, I asked to hear a piece being played. Yes, there’s been good progress made which I made sure to relay because whenever someone’s working very hard at learning something, it’s always good to freely offer soulful encouragement. Believe me, it’s a greater key to success than most believe.

I had to make a quick stop at a groceteria, and just as I was getting checked out, the clerk gave me a weird sort of look after I handed him cash instead of using my card. I couldn’t help saying, “I believe all you young ones consider cash a dinosaur when it comes to paying for something.” He must’ve thought I’d read his mind because his face turned ten shades of red. Yes, he was definitely a newbie because he was really struggling at getting the right change counted out for me. Poor baby.

Tonight’s One-liner is: The advantage of doing one’s praising of oneself, is that one can lay it on so thick, and exactly in the right places.

Joe Chodur

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