Brown Thrasher

For many of our farmers, today’s steady light rain was a blessing if they had all their corn planted, but for the rest of us, it was a cold and gloomy wet day. And wouldn’t you know it, I was out in it more than I was wanting because of the home showings I had scheduled.

I had some banking to do this morning, and after pulling into their drive-up lane, there stood about four cars waiting for someone in a pickup truck to finish. Well, instead of waiting like everyone else does in one long line, I turned into the empty “air tube” lane, filled their canister, and shot it back to them. While waiting, I just glanced over to that pickup truck, and in disbelief, there sat a man talking to one of the personal bankers who was explaining to him from the inside of that bank, all the signature lines on some new account forms he needed to sign, which she then placed in the slide-thru where he grabbed her clipboard which contained all the docs he needed to sign. I can’t imagine how angry those people behind him were for having to wait so long. Now why didn’t that personal banker have him go inside, instead of holding up those many customers.

It’s funny when finding such happenings at that bank today, because yesterday I waited far too long behind another person at a credit union drive-thru who must’ve been making multiple deposits without having anything prepared when he pulled up. I would’ve backed up and pulled into another lane, but there was already someone waiting behind me. After he finally left, and I pulled into position, and the first thing I said to the teller was, “It seems there always has to be those times when I get trapped behind someone that’s slower than a ten year itch!” She got a good laugh over my words, and then profusely apologized for the wait. For the life of me, I’ll never understand why people are so inconsiderate of others while out doing their business.

I had a quick showing in the rain later this morning which was a waste of both mine and the buyers’ time. If I don’t get so sick of other agents using those “fish eye” lenses on their cameras where they can make a pantry appear the size of a football field, and being personally embarrassed if I were them, over something like that because of the explanations I’d have to be giving to buyers regarding my obscure reasons for taking such mis-representative photos. Wouldn’t it be a real game-changer if we had some sort of way to send a home’s smell thru computers? There’s no question there’d be far less wasting of time with “fly-over” showings, as this morning’s little “stinker” of a showing ended up being.

Another showing I had today was one more example of the poor workmanship some of our “do-it-yourself” homeowners so freely try to pass off as their recent improvements as being “quality” updates. It comes as no surprise all the more of them are trying their hand at being finish carpenters when we have all those TV shows promoting such ideas, because my jaw-drop today, was seeing how poorly that home’s trim work was installed, and believe it or not, there were some areas where they’d used screws to hold it in place instead of finish nails. When looking at such “rigging”, thoughts of “The Red Green Show” always come to mind.

My after-hours appointment took me to a home which I’d not shown since it was listed, and fortunately after having had a good look at it with my customers, I was reminded that there still are quality contractors building homes in North Iowa. The details they’d given extra attention to, were so impressive, I actually thanked the buyers for wanting to see it, because if they hadn’t, it would’ve likely been sold before I was able to have a gander at it. If that home doesn’t soon get sold to some lucky buyer, then there are too many people living in our City who have no clue about real quality of construction.

When looking at our local news today, I was horrified when reading how the coronavirus cases are continuing to spike in our State. Let’s hope and pray the residents of our Counties finally “get it” and become all the more diligent at staying away from those hot spots, as well as those living in our State’s epicenters, remaining there until this all blows over and becomes a very bad dream of their past.

Hearing the stories being told by some of our working citizens, I’m growing all the more convinced that the life we knew before this hit, will never return, and we’ll just have to adjust to a new world where certain types of jobs will be cut back severely, and some professional activities being sub-contracted, or farmed-out to other parts of our Country. I’ll not be a bit surprised if regular medical check-ups are conducted over the internet. Yes, it’s going to be a brave new world, but on the positive side, I’m already discovering more people are staying closer to home during their off hours and finally realizing that home is the best place to be. There’s no question there’ll be some bar closures in our area due to the social distancing, but perhaps they’ll find a way to go interactive on virtual platforms so the bar flies will still be able to continue interacting.

While I was working outdoors over the weekend, for the first time in years, I happened to see a Brown Thrasher at a distance. I was so tickled to see it, I ran and grabbed my camera and managed to get the above shot of it before it flew away. If my memory is correct, I’d say it’s been 20+ years since having seen one. I know they’re around, but they tend to shy away from human activity. I guess what I’ve been reading is correct when seeing more rare birds and animals coming into view. For sure the blackbirds have returned in plentiful numbers, because in recent years, I was beginning to wonder if they were dying off. If only a die-off would happen with those vile starlings. I’m still waiting for the bluebirds to start re-populating North Iowa.

Tonight’s one-liner is: There is nothing in socialism that a little age and money can’t cure.

Joe Chodur

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