When it’s All Over

My first job of the morning, was to change my clothes, mix up some soap and bleach water, and attack the 1/2 bath in the back of my office, because I so graciously allowed someone to use it yesterday afternoon, and after they left, I went back there and discovered that person had done a “number 2” in the toilet, and the smell coming out of that room was quite remarkable. I left the vent fan running up until I left for the day, but I could still smell it when I went back there this morning.

I mentioned that incident to a gentleman this morning, but prefaced it by saying, “No matter how bad something seems at the time, something good will come out of it as long as we look for it.” I then went on to say how I do keep that half bath clean, but I hadn’t scrubbed it from top to bottom in some time, and after the “Janitor in a Drum” finished, it was sparkling. The cleaning up after someone is nothing new to me, but that smell was enough to take my breath away. I don’t even want to consider what that person must’ve been eating to create such an odor that would linger so long.

A client of mine stopped by this morning to pick up some documents, and after I’d gone over everything, we had a good chat about some of the end products from this virus we’ll be seeing in society when it’s all over.

We’re both of the belief that our general public will start coming together more, and stop thinking it’s all about them. Let’s hope narcissism will be greatly shunned instead of being considered an admirable trait which all the many want to mimic. Just today, I received a text from one of those wanna-be narcissist who believes it’s all about him, and all others being nothing more than stepping stones for his “climb” up the corporate ladder. I wasn’t the least impressed by his unctuous words and weak excuses. Thank goodness he wasn’t standing in front of me when throwing God into the conversation, because I would’ve likely had some choice words for him.

My heart goes out to the elderly who’re either in assisted living or nursing homes, because they’ve been lonely enough before this outbreak, and now forced to be all the more distanced from society due to the quarantines that’ve been put into place in their facilities. There’s no question they’re now suffering mentally. Let’s hope the staff in those communities are being all the more soulful with them.

An age group which most have overlooked, are the very young who’re all the more confused by all of this, because when this is all over, there’ll be some mental scars they’ll be dealing with for the rest of their lives. As we all know, the minds of young children are like sponges, and when the rhythm of their daily lives are altered for reasons they don’t understand, their thought processes are turned upside-down. I’m praying the parents of those children are spending more time with them, because they’re the anchors which their children turn to for much needed nurturing during a crisis.

It’ll be interesting to see how those people who’ve had the virus and survived, will be treated by the general public. No matter what people say about how they’d react around someone who got over it, there are always those many who have one great big question mark in the back of their minds, and subconsciously work at keeping them distanced.

I personally experienced such changes in people all the way back in time when my father was dying of cancer. During those long months, he rarely received visitors, and when they did come, they purposely distanced themselves from him. I was in tearful shock when hearing one of my aunts whispering to someone that she believed cancer was contagious, which was her reason for keeping herself away from him. Well, if his cancer was contagious, I should’ve been dead well over 30 years ago.

It’s very interesting to think about after seeing how people’s characters change when being faced with life-altering situations such as this Chinese virus, and you can be sure, all those dark fears we’ve kept masked for most of our lives, will start surfacing. What I believe will help all the many living in fear, will be for them to share their thoughts with close friends or relatives, because once their anxieties are shared with others, they seem to diminish to the point of being manageable. Who needs a shrink when being surrounded by truly caring people?

Having most of my day free, I went over to my little/big project and poked my head into another tedious and time consuming chore. Thinking I’d just do half of a big job, I ended up staying there a full five hours until I had both halves done, and thankful for it because I was really getting sick of it. After I cleaned everything up, I stood back and said to myself, “Mr. Chodur, you really can do good work when The Spirit moves you.”
Yes, I still believe there are times when there’s some sort of Divine Intervention that keeps me cranking away.

While driving home in the rain, I noticed how quickly the Silver Maple trees are starting to bud. In about a week or two, they’ll be dropping all their “flowers” on the streets where there’ll be thick enough in some places, to shovel. Yes, I really do dis-like those trees because they never stop growing, they have no appealing form, and every time the wind blows, there are branches to pick up. Whomever thought them to be worthy of City life, didn’t know “Sic ’em” about trees.

I was dis-appointed to hear there’s another case of the virus in Cerro Gordo County, which makes it our third reported case. Someone mentioned that it was a health care professional. I sure hope not.

Tonight’s one-liner is: Once we come to grips with our fears, they do us little harm.

Joe Chodur

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