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I greet you all this evening with my solemn wish that all of you remain healthy during these coming days as the numbers of corona virus cases in our State continue to grow. I’m especially hoping that it will not infect those of us living in North Iowa due to our being a greater distance from larger cities. But if it does arrive in our communities, I’m afraid it’ll get passed around a-plenty because of how less distanced we are from each other.

When having crossed paths with a well-known this morning, he wasn’t very happy when I told him how long the virus can remain airborne, and even more so when hearing how long it can remain active on given surfaces. Oh well, we can only be so careful, and if we should get infected, then the best thing to do for ourselves, and especially others, is to remain quarantined until we’re over it.

Having several hours to kill, I went back over to my little/big project and worked until it was time to return to my office and get readied for my public open house. Since I hadn’t yet had lunch, I fixed myself a light lettuce salad with grape tomatoes and a few spoonfuls of sunflower seeds. By the time I finished it, washed my salad bowl and utensils, it was time to head over to 415 – 1st St. SE.

Thinking I was going to be by myself those two hours, I took a small primer along just for something to read. Not five minutes after I turned on all the lights, my first visitors arrived, and wouldn’t you know it, there were people coming and going nearly the entire time I was there.

Another feature I pointed out, was the fact that when that “Folk Victorian” home was built, the person designing it, decided to have the front door enter from the side, which was a very good thing, because when placing living room furniture, there’s no “split” in the living room’s long side, which affords more options for arranging chairs, lamp tables, and sofa. I’m surprised more people haven’t created floor plans like that, because they’re far more functional. Of course it also offers my favorite nine foot ceilings and a circle floor plan. Who wants to be trapped by a one-way in and out of main living area rooms? If you’ve ever lived in a home with a circle floor plan, you’ll never want any other.

If I owned the home I have listed at 114 – 11th St. NE, the first thing I would do, is convert the closet next to the stairway, into a standard short hallway that would lead into the kitchen, because if it were done, that home would also have a full circle floor plan. The cost would be minimal, yet the change it would make, would create thousands in value.

There’ve been a number of grand older homes I’ve been in over the years, which were originally built with circle floor plans, but unfortunately they’ve been either bulldozed in the name of progress, or converted into sleazy apartments. Yes, there still are some remaining, but they’re few and far between. I try not to remember some of those grand homes from my youth, and unfortunately, many of them are now gone. As long as I live, I’ll not forget the one that stood at the northeast corner of N. Pennsylvania and 1st NE which had a staggeringly grand Prussian tower at one corner. It had already been converted to a multi-unit apartment house, but I could still envision what it must’ve looked like in its day. Now, all that remains, is a parking lot. Go figure.

Right after my open house, I had to show a rental unit to a gentleman who’s moving here, and luckily I arrived there just as he was pulling up. The showing went well, so I gave him an application to fill out and email back to me, so I could then forward on to the owners. From the sounds of it, our rental market here in the City is getting all the more tight to where I’m going to start taking names and numbers of random inquiries, instead of posting those units online, and only because of the number of inquiries I’ve recently been getting. When being told what a smaller unit looked like, and the amount of rent that particular landlord was asking, it came as no surprise he opted for the one I showed him. Yes, the greed factor is alive and well in River City.

I was being a little wickedish while in conversation at a grocery store with a gentleman whom I’ve known for a very many years. Since I’d not seen him in many months, I couldn’t help being all the more guileless. I’m sure many of those people pushing grocery carts around us, were wondering what was really going on between the two of us, because we were touching on just about every subject, including religion, yet still being “all good”. I did encourage him to at least read a few posts of my daily journal to the world, in hopes he’d find something to smile about.

What I find very interesting, is the noticeable evolution, and sometimes de-evolution of the characters of those I’ve not done business with for a great many years. There’s no question I’d found he’s evolved, and likely he was thinking similarly, but hopefully after his deliberation over today’s encounter, he’s finally realized that I continue to wish the best for everyone. It makes one a bit sad when realizing how many years have passed, yet still remembering the first home I encountered he and his wife, and also recalling the time when just after selling their home, the buyer having raised a feral cat fit over a shock she’d received when trying to unplug the electric stove of the home I’d recently sold for them. Unfortunately, people don’t realize that you must be all the more careful when unplugging something from a 220 volt outlet. Yes, nearly every client or customer leaves me with at least a few kernels long-lasting memories which act as “keys” to unlock all the many more. Isn’t it funny how that works?

Tonight’s one-liner is: In times of need, the “Source Of All” can come to you in a myriad of disguises.

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