Pre-Passion Puppy

I was delighted to hear that next weekend, the temps are to be hovering around 60 degrees. That’s noticeably warmer than what we’d normally find in the first week of March, but if it does get that warm, then what the forecasters said about record high temps in the near future, will end up being a very good weather call of theirs. I was somewhat surprised to find a light dusting of snow on the ground this morning, which prompted me to broom it all off the front sidewalks of my office before it was ground in by foot traffic.

My early appointment was to go out and meet with a client so to check out some of the features of a building he’s been eyeing. I’d forgotten how much colder a vacant building can be because it was definitely warmer outdoors than it was within. We were there longer than I’d planned, and unfortunately, I’m not so sure he’s up to the challenge of taking on that big of a project.

In these times, I’m finding all the more incentives given by our City, State, and Federal government to those looking at new build-outs or the re-skinning of old buildings. I spoke a little bit about that this morning, while also cautioning him that once you get other entities involved, there’s all the more red tape and hoops to jump thru. He was surprised to hear how many perks our City gave the builders of that new apartment complex that’s being constructed just south of Southbridge Mall’s parking lot. I also cautioned him that in the end, nothing’s free because with major improvements come bloated assessed values by our grim-reaping assessor and subsequent checkbook-strangling high real estate taxes. I’m not looking for him to act on the building I showed him, but sooner or later, there’ll be a better one popping up.

Speaking about commercial properties, I’m in belief over the prices some of these people are asking for vacant buildings they own which they now have listed. I can’t help thinking they’ve got big city prices in a small town’s economic pool where there’s only so much business to be had. There are far too many starry-eyed idealist who have that “Field of Dreams” mentality where if you build it, they will come. Sorry, I’m too much of a realist to accept such nonsensical fairy tales.

Just as they did back in the beginnings of Mason City’s growth, our population grew by baby steps until the railroads were built and families arrived on the promise of jobs at the cement plant, the brick factory, or that monster packing house which created generational jobs for those families. I don’t know when the forecasters of growth for North Iowa are going to realize that creating recreational facilities, will not increase our population, because the head-count of North Iowa, has to be the prospects of good paying jobs that’ll encourage people to move here, and above all, plant their roots deep. Irregardless of what anyone else says, that’s the normal way communities grow.

I had a soulful chat yesterday with a close relative of a woman who’s hell-bent on opening her own business to where she’s even spoken to some of the so-called experts about her business plan. She’s even come to me several times and asking about finding her a building, and while with her earlier this week, I swallowed hard and said, “I know you’re head-over-heels about opening your own business, but I’m still not getting any warm and fuzzy feelings over it.” I know I hurt her feelings a bit, but I was determined to share my thoughts, because if she does move forward and her business subsequently fails, I’ll not be angry with myself for not giving her my opinion.

My words to her relative yesterday was, “I know you’re not keen on her plan, and just remember, those who’re pumping her up over the great idea she has, will have absolutely no skin of their own in the game, which is telling me that they’re not being cautionary enough with the people they’re trying to help.” Her relative couldn’t have agreed with me more. If there’s one thing I despise, is when seeing someone being set up for failure.

Since we’re in the doldrums of winter, I’m finding all the more people who’re acting a bit down-trodden with their careers and home lives. One of them actually said to me several days ago, “I no longer have a passion in life.” Wow! That statement nearly knocked me off my feet because I’m convinced everyone absolutely MUST have at least one passion that’s keeping them from falling into the abyss of all those other automatons. I made a few suggestions regarding the rekindling of a possible life-long passion, but to no avail.

She popped into my mind today, and the thought of her buying a puppy would get her re-activated enough to where she’d be getting out more, and perhaps creating a better attitude about her present station in life. You can be sure the next time I see her, I’ll bring up the subject of getting a puppy, along with sharing all the benefits of having one. I’ll even say, “You must remember, dog spelled backwards is God.” There’ve been times when I’ve considered dogs to be far more than a best friend, because they’re always happy to see you. One clever monkey recently said, “You’ll soon find out who loves you the most after locking your wife in one car’s trunk, and then your dog in another, because you’ll quickly discover after opening those trunk lids, which one was the happiest to see you.” Funny, but naughty. I’ll have to insist she investigate purchasing a pre-passion puppy.

With tomorrow forecasted as being warm and sunny, I’m looking all the more forward to my public open house at 1 Briarstone Court. I’m confident there’ll be more visitors because of the North Iowa Home Show taking place tomorrow and Sunday which should be getting all the many buyers fired-up over making a move to something bigger and better. Do please, wish me luck.

Tonight’s one-liner is: Put a puppy in your picture and it will make it 20 times better.

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  • Mary Connrin says:

    Teresa and I just had a great time at the home show. We had not had an outing all winter and made up for it some today. We got there at 3 and did not leave until after 8. Then we had supper at Culver’s – big outing for us old girls after a months long cold spell! We are so glad we went, though our purses are lighter. Thanks again for the tickets. (Are those puppies yours?)