Far More Traits

I have a feeling we’re going to get some precipitation in the night due to how exceptionally damp it grew before sunset. I stepped outdoors for only a minute or two and wouldn’t you know it, the chill had already begun reaching into my bones.

While visiting with a gentleman this morning, I mentioned how we all get un-accustomed to doing things we normally don’t do, and yesterday’s little chore was one example. For the craziest of reasons, two times yesterday I carried in each hand, two bags weighing 40 lbs each. I thought nothing of it at the time, but when crawling out of bed this morning I wondered why my legs were a bit sore. After a moment’s thought, I recalled yesterday’s carrying of heavy bags down a long flight of stairs. Lesson learn.

Most of my day was spent with phone calls, desk work, and running errands, and one of those errands was to stop and pick up some office supplies I was getting low on. It seems my supplies always run thin around this time of year, and subsequently having to brave the cold and snow, so I figured today being my best day to pay a visit to an office supply store.

I’m still working on that offer I wrote several days ago, and hopefully tomorrow will give me some answers as to the direction it’s moving. We’re now waiting on a lender to give us a “yes” or “no” on the credit worthiness of the buyer, so let’s hope it’s a go.

For some reason, there must be people all the busier with more important things than returning calls because I phoned two different clients today asking that they return my call, and as of yet, neither have either called or text me which is highly unusual for the both of them.

I did manage to get all the transfer docs sent out on a closing that’s coming up next week, and you can be sure I’ll be pestering the seller to get them signed, notarized, and sent back to me right away because I absolutely hate waiting until the last day to get important closing documents in my hands. I don’t think we could’ve moved any faster at getting that transaction thru the lending process and final title work completed.

Mary and Abe who’re the loan originators at Wells Fargo stopped by today with a Christmas gift of a big calendar and a plate of homemade kolaches filled with apricot jam which were baked by a person running a bakeshop over in Fort Atkinson. I couldn’t have thanked them enough because I do like kolaches, and all the more if they’re homemade. I did try one of them, and was impressed by that woman’s baking skills. Of course I’m one of the world’s most discriminative critics of baking because of how well my mother had honed her skills. Even to this day, I can still see and taste her “to die for” lemon meringue pies.

Before Mary and Abe left, I had to show them my vintage wooden trunk at the front of my office. They were quite impressed, and of course when speaking about immigrant trunks, nearly everyone has a family story to tell, and Mary and Abe were no exception.
Yes, I think it’s always good to have something hanging on a wall or placed in clear view to help inspire all the more interesting family stories to be told.

One of my afternoon appointments was to have a lease signed by a tenant on a unit owned by one of my clients. Whenever dealing with new arrivals to our area, there’s all the more information to pass on regarding utilities, internet providers, parking restrictions, and waste removal. I think I covered all the points to where the new tenant won’t be calling me back for more direction.

Late this afternoon I heard the most disgusting story about a family who’d recently moved out of a house without giving their landlord notice. I was almost ready to vomit when hearing those naughty monkeys had left so much garbage and refuse behind, it took two drop-off dumpsters filled to the brim to rid that home of their waste, but the most disgusting discovery was that couple with four children had not only infested that house with cockroaches, but also bedbugs. And to think they had innocent children living in such squalor. I can only imagine the issues their children are going to have by the time they reach maturity. Once again, I insist it’s poor parenting that’s causing many of our society’s ills. You can bet those kids are picking up all the dirty habits of their parents on a daily basis. Shame on them.

Just today I was on the phone with a client, and somehow we got on the subject of a family we both know well, and began drawing comparisons of mannerisms and personalities of their children and parents. It’s amazing to find how often we find children un-knowingly mimicking the way their parents speak, dress, and sometimes even to the point where they perceive themselves and the world around them. Within that family, the mother and daughter dead-ringers for acting alike. I’m sure if they were both confronted about it, they’d refuse such comparisons to be factual. Yes, there are far more traits being passed on, than many would ever want to admit.

Tonight’s one-liner is: Always render more and better service than is expected of you, no matter what your task may be.

Joe Chodur

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