Off with a Snicker

When finding the temps in the single digit realm this morning, there was no wasting of time being outdoors for any length. I had a little extra shoveling to do because of last night’s wind, and you can be sure I wasted no effort getting it moved.

Several years ago, I purchased ear muffs that’ve been a Godsend whenever having to be out in such weather because having one’s ears exposed to such cold, is an invitation to ear infection, so as long as I have my muffs on and my long knitted scarf around my neck and up over my mouth, I’m good to go.

Whenever seeing someone outdoors on days like this, and being without a hat covering their ears and their necks bared, I shudder at the thought of how cold they must be. To heck with fashion when it comes to keeping warm while out in our arctic tundra weather. I’m still missing my long cashmere dark navy dress coat which I actually wore out, and to this day, I still can’t find another similar to it. Now that was one warm coat.

I had a nice long chat with a colleague today about the direction our market is moving, and for sure, the buyers are becoming all the more location conscious, and for better or worse, they seem to think they know where all the districts are that are “fly-overs”, which in turn drives up the demand and subsequently the prices of homes in those so-called “safe neighborhoods”. I came to the conclusion long ago that when some buyers have certain mindsets as to where they will or will not live, I keep still and let them tell me what homes they want to preview.

While doing some research for a seller today, I was shocked to find entire blocks of homes being non-owner occupied, and when I met with her this afternoon, I prefaced my valuation by saying, “Your home is on the edge of a dense section of non-owner occupied homes that will affect its marketability, and in spite of it being well maintained and having recent updates, the pool of buyers will be weak because of where it’s located. The value I placed on it was far less than she was expecting, which told me the time I spent researching and going thru her home was a waste because either she’ll continue living there, or find another Realtor who’ll tell her what she wants to hear and then list it with that company. It’s unfortunate most people don’t want to listen to a realist.

I spent about an hour going over finances, and then writing an offer on a home for a buyer this afternoon. Unfortunately today’s buyer is of the crowd that always wants to start low and work their way up in price. I’ve heard this phrase a thousand times which goes, “You can always go up, but never come down.”, yet they don’t realize that oft times they anger the sellers to the point where they won’t negotiate because of such insultingly low offers. When I called the seller, I made sure she understood that it was the buyer’s choice to start at that number. We’ll see what tomorrow brings.

My skin began to crawl when being told by today’s buyer of how many people who’ve hit deer while driving in our countryside these recent months. One big buck managed to total a delivery truck due to the direction of its impact. I also discovered there’s a joke going around when speaking of a “hit” as being just one more highway suicide. I laughed when he mentioned that because there’ve been times when seeing deer coming up out of a ditch with such near perfect timing for a clobbering. I can think of three times already this Fall where I managed to slam on my brakes fast enough so not be involved in an assisted suicide.

It sort of makes a person wonder if there’s some being or animal of a higher intelligence out there that’s spooking them just at the time a vehicle draws near. Perhaps the coyotes are connecting the dots with cause and effect, and have learned that if they can’t chase one down, a night-time roadkill would be just as tasty.

One of my favorite citizens of our fair City called this afternoon, and the first thing I had to say was, “I’ve been thinking it was time for me to place a call to you, but you beat me to it.” She’s such a dear soul who’s filled to the brim with witty remarks and filterless comments. We had a much needed chat, and for sure some over-due laughs coming from the both of us.

You just gotta keep having fun during these cold dark winter days, and when speaking about having fun, I’ll never forget when a number of years ago, while taking coffee nearly every Sunday morning out at the old West Hy-Vee, there’d be an old gent shuffling from table to table telling jokes to random coffee-goers, and then walking off with a snicker and repeating, “You gotta have fun.” It’s been so long since Hy-Vee was in that location, which makes me wonder how few remember it being there. Oh how I could tell a few stories about some happenings in that grocery store.

Tonight’s one-liner is: No matter what we touch, it’s always best to walk away from it in better condition than we found it.

Joe Chodur

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