Tangled Webs

Thinking I was going to have an entirely free day to be laborious on Labor Day,  I later found my profession had me held captive for about half the time, but not to worry because I did get two things that were at the top of my list fully completed, so now there’s two less things on my punch list.

Since I was working alone and when not on the phone, it afforded me time to reflect on some recent discoveries and past happenings within my own family, along with past clients and customers.  What’s so good about being alone and un-plugged from all the externals of today’s world, is the clarity of thought and re-call.

While on the phone today with a dear one, I ended up speaking about a woman I’ve known for a very many years who had more than a few hard knocks in her life, but suddenly at near the end of her child-bearing years, she near-miraculously became pregnant which had her rightfully worried from the get go.

What angered me the most, were hearing the vicious stories being told by some of her own blood relatives who passed around sick jokes about what her child would be like.  I heard but one of them being told by a relative of hers who always considered herself part of the upper crust which I quietly believed to be a joke in and of itself.  She laughed about what the child would look like if it should even make it to term.

Well, after hearing but one of those evil stories, I decided to place a call to the pregnant woman.  Wouldn’t you know it, she’d also heard even more of those sick stories.  For some unexplainable reason at the time, I couldn’t help insisting to her that her child would be healthy, and likely be the greatest thing that ever happened to her, and in time, she would realize it.

She had the baby and it was completely normal and healthy which came as a great relief for her, and as the child grew, I could see from a distance that it had a quiet, yet deep understanding of the world, which was but one more kick-back at the mother’s poisonous relatives.

It seemed that all the older, brighter, and better the child became, those sick-minded relatives and their so-called friends had some unfortunate happenings in their lives, and to listen to them, you’d swear they’d lived angelically and completely un-deserving of their trials and tribulations, but you can be sure yours truly quietly listened every time I’d hear of their perils.

The main reason I bring these happenings up, is that no matter how much we think it’s funny when putting down others in such a vicious fashion, there’s almost always a comeuppance that arrives at our doorsteps.  And just because the double-delivery of kind doesn’t happen right away, it’s still out there waiting for just the right time and place.

I just happened to notice something today that brought to mind a particular young couple whom I’d sold a home to a number of years ago.  I’ll always remember them because of how snooty and aloof they were, and no matter how many extras were done for them, there was never a “thank you”.  I learned later, they were always putting on airs just so to cloak their own jaded lives.

I’d crossed paths with them a few times over these long years, and for whatever reason, they’re still attempting to reach that so-called “upper-crust threshold”.  I’m convinced they believe their external surroundings, the clothes they wear, and the food they eat, creates a counter-balance with the darkness that has for generations, surrounded both of their families.

As much as they work at distancing themselves from their blood relatives, they’ll never be able to cut those chords that bind.  What I’ve always thought strange, is why they just didn’t move to another State and create a fresh start.  If I happen to see the wife in the grocery store, she’ll work really hard at not being close enough to speak, so I just give a nod and move on.  The only reason she bolts is because she doesn’t want to be reminded of her beginnings, which is what most in our faux nouveau riche world do when encountering someone familiar with their meager and/or jaded beginnings.  Oh what tangled webs we weave!

One of my paying it forward events today, was my driving over to a customer’s new home and giving my two cents worth of ideas regarding their planned improvements both in and outside their beloved project.  I was once again reminded how little the general public know about trees and bushes, and you can be sure I told them which ones were worth keeping, and others that should’ve been ripped out yesterday.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  To the wicked, everything serves as pretext.

Joe Chodur

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