It would’ve been a near perfect day if the humidity hadn’t been as high, but at least it didn’t get up into the high 80’s.  After having an extended appointment yesterday, and another one this afternoon, I’d say I’m already on overtime for this week, but as we Realtors know, you gotta make hay when the sun shines.

Fortunately, we did manage to get that offer put together on the home I spoke about yesterday, and exceptionally happy it did happen because that buyer will turn his new home into a showplace.  Since I’ve worked with that family enough over the years, I can freely say that whatever they touch, always ends up all the better.  Wouldn’t it be great if everyone would create good “footprints” with the homes they live in?

I was reminded today how disgustingly lazy some people are when doing a walk-thru on a home a tenant had lived in for over ten years.  I’ve come to the conclusion, that all the many more think they’re entitled to a free ride and certainly not responsible for care and maintenance.  Just for an example, I’d be betting a hundred dollar bill, the tenant had not ever washed the windows in that home the entire 10+ years he lived there.  The latticework of cobwebs gracing the basement ceilings must’ve taken an equal number of years to create.

While at an office this afternoon, I couldn’t help but bring up the subject of that lazy tenant and how completely oblivious he was to his surroundings.  We both agreed that all our lives, we’ve never left any places we lived, in such a condition because it would’ve been the most shameful thing to do.

I asked her if she instilled that same philosophy in her children, and after a moment she said, “I think we did a pretty good job of teaching them respect of other people’s property.”  Without question, I was certain they did because I’ve also done some work for her family. It doesn’t take long for a person to get a pretty good “feel” for what type of living standards people have within their home environments.

Before I left, I wickedly asked her, “Do I have some sort of flashing sign on my brow that reads, “I’m man-maid”?  She got a good chuckle out of that, and certainly got me laughing because her giggles are genuine. Oh well, I just send it all out into the universe where in time, karma will sent things a-right.

It’s a good thing I filled my gas tank yesterday because I’ve been putting a good number of miles on my car these past 24 hours.  Believe it or not, within that time frame, I’ve traveled thru Worth, Winnebago and Hancock Counties.  I actually don’t mind it a bit because during these pleasant months, it’s a treat to be out enjoying all the views while out in the countryside.

What’s making me a bit sad, is seeing all the fewer old homesteads standing, and now being replaced by country ranches.  Yes, there’s always the energy efficiency issues and near endless maintenance items, but I do enjoy seeing those picturesque home sites where life may have been hard those many years ago, but I think they were all the less complicated.

Just last weekend I was reading an article about how all the more younger families with children are moving to more distant and rugged areas.  One particular family has no social medias on their little farm, and the only outside contact they have is when they have to go into town for things they can’t raise or grow.  They mentioned how much more calm their children are in spite of being sent to a regular public school miles away.  After I read that, I was once more reminded that a child’s home life does have a lasting impact on how they’ll interact with others when they leave home.  It makes me wonder if there’ve been any recent studies done on the subject.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  He is happiest, be he king or peasant, who finds peace in his home.

Joe Chodur

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