Never to Poke

There were a few who believed today’s temperatures were too cool, but for me it was near perfect.  Yes, we have those sun worshipers who like to lounge around in full sun waiting to get another seasonal body-bake, which is definitely not my cup of tea.

I have absolutely no clue what inspires people with northern European tones to punish their exteriors to such degrees.  Just yesterday I noticed a woman who must’ve been coming from a church Service who was likely in her 60’s and wearing something that a normal 30 year old would’ve questioned being appropriate, because that woman was very much tanned and likely doing it all her life because her skin looked like belt leather.

Several weeks ago I happened to see the photo of a woman I know for sure is in her mid to upper 60’s, but her year-over-year of willful exposure to the sun, has left her looking like she’s in her 80’s.  The wrinkles on her neck appeared so deep, they looked like they could be folded over.  Oh Mercy!

Judging by the number of real estate calls I had today, I’d say we’re still on a burn with people buying and selling.  Of course there are more buyers than sellers which has created more bidding wars with buyers, and unfortunately those sale prices will be registered as arm-length transactions which I’m not too happy about because they’ll be setting standards for the future pricing of homes.

The West Coast is very familiar with multiple offer situations which has been happening for so long since our recovery from the 2008 financial crisis, that if and when our Country has another market correction, there’ll be billions of dollars in home equity vanishing before our eyes.

This is the reason I’ve always appreciated the slower and more methodical growth in home values in our area because my mantra has always been that home ownership is a solid long term investment.  I’ve nearly always found that if a buyer pays fair market price for a home, takes good care of it by keeping up with any necessary upgrades and cleanliness, it will give back a good return when it’s sold.

With a few hours to spare, I buried myself in my office accounting which encompassed bill paying, account balancing, and filing.  I didn’t get it all finished, but what’s left shouldn’t take more than an hour’s time early tomorrow.

As chance would have it, the owner of one of the homes I’ve admired for years just happened to stop by my office this afternoon.  What was really creepy-cool about her arrival, was not but a week ago while driving down a street, her home caught my eye, and once again triggered the very same thought, “I wonder what that charming home looks like on the inside?”

Well, late this afternoon, I was given the grand tour and reminded again that we can never judge a book by its cover because that home is twice more charming than I would’ve ever imagined.  While walking thru it, I could actually “see” myself living there.  It meets all platforms of functionality, yet still has some unique features which most would never find in a home of its caliber.  It came as no surprise she’s lived there for so very many years.

Several nights ago I happened to catch a glimpse of a toad trying to hide from the world, but still managed to get a good shot of it which I’ve posted above.  I think toads get too much of a bad rap by society because they do diligently work at keeping our insect populations down, and are only active at night while most of us are fast asleep.

What makes me laugh is when a dog “thinks” he’s going to grab one and terrorize it.  That’s all it takes is just the touch of the tongue, a quick drop, and then the backing away to a safe distance.

When I was young, our dog knew what they tasted like, so she’d stand at a distance and bark at one in hopes it would nevermore appear in her “space”.  When you think about it, wouldn’t that be great if we humans had the ability to release something from a gland so noxious that our enemies would back away and out of our lives for good. Perhaps we humans should learn from the dogs with the hard lessons they learned being, “You are never to poke a toad!”

Now that toads are on my mind, I remember the son of a client who found several young ones in a basement window well, created a toad hostel for them, and nurtured them until it was time in the fall for them to be released so they could dig their underground winter hibernation quarters.

Just because we have a good share of witches in our lives, there’s still no reason toads should be getting such bad raps. Blame the witches–not the toads.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  Poetry is the art of creating imaginary gardens with real toads.

Joe Chodur

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