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This morning was somewhat of a rush with appointments as well as getting the final docs rounded up on a sale that’s closing tomorrow.  I always get a bit nervous whenever not having all required docs accounted for a day or two before.

I was a tiny bit annoyed with the closing agent for not having started working on the numbers until the morning before.  I hinted how it’s not to my liking whenever people wait until the last day and start making demands for things that should’ve been asked for days and weeks before, and as usual, it went right over the head of the person I was directing my frustration towards.

As chance would have it, I received a call this morning from a person whom I’d met with several years ago about selling her home.  I was a bit shocked when she called because I figured she must’ve decided to stay put, but after visiting with her, she’s now ready to list it.  I’ll be meeting with her in the morning, and if she prices it reasonably, it’ll get sold more sooner than later because of the size of its yard and garage.  Of course it happens to be in a district of our City where I’ve sold a great number of homes over the years.

Another little job I have this week is to place a call to a tenant so I can do an inspection of a home the seller is looking at getting sold this year.  I’m only hoping those tenants won’t become resistive and/or combative with me which oft times happens when a Realtor calls out of the blue saying, “The owner of the home you’re living in wants me to do an inspection on it.”  There are times when it’s OK, yet all the more that end up turning dark.

With about an hour of free time, I hopped in my car and drove over to St. Paul Lutheran to pick up the music I have to play for them this coming Sunday morning.  After I pulled  all the pieces, I ran thru them and unfortunately there was one which was just a bit too inappropriate for that portion of their Service, so I found another one which was more fitting and asked their secretary to get my requested change approved by their music committee.  To my surprise, that piece was a close relative of one that I’ve personally played that’s called, “Shelter in a Storm”, but never having played for congregational singing because of its heavy syncopation.

Later this afternoon I went out to meet with the sellers of a home who’re getting ready to sell.  They asked that I provide them a list of things I thought they should improve on so to give their home a running chance at getting sold right out of the gates.  We went from top to bottom on all the little things that I’d personally do to help it show well and sell all the faster.  While walking out I said, “If I were looking for a home at this time, I’d be pulling the trigger on yours because of where it’s home is located, it’s breathtaking views, the amount of windows it has, and the size of its garage and the yard.”

Because we live in the Northern Plains, people who enjoy being outdoors, really do want yards where they can enjoy the three beautiful seasons we’re normally blessed with.  And now that our younger crowd is growing all the more earth-friendly, they’re wanting that much more yard space to putz in after work and on weekends.  I’m still convinced that’s why acreages are now at a premium in our area.  If there’s been one noticeable difference between now and back then, it’s the popularity of acreages, and believe me, their prices are indicative of that trend.

My last appointment was to open up a home which one of my buyers just purchased.  There were friends and relatives who’d not personally seen it, so today was when they all arrived.  For sure, the home looked all the better than it did the last time I was there, and likely because the sellers are starting to get rid of things they’re not planning on moving.  It came as no surprise those friends and relatives were giving their thumbs up on the purchase.  There’s no question the buyer will like it all the more once all their furnishings are out because they have more “stuff” than an average homeowner.

One of my dear customers stopped by this afternoon for a quick chat before I had to head off to my next appointment.  I asked how she survived our terrible winter and thank goodness she managed to endure it.  For sure I’m all the more happy she’s acclimating to our City along with having absolutely no regrets about moving half-way across our Nation to make North Iowa her home.  Since I know how much she enjoys reading, I gave her a number of my past issues of “The Economist” which I’d been saving.  I’m sure she’ll find as I did, some interesting as well as thought-provoking articles in them.  I’d say that magazine has been one of the best I’ve subscribed to over the years.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  Do not consider it proof because it’s written in books, for a liar who will deceive with his tongue, will not hesitate to do the same with his pen.

Joe Chodur

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