Heed its Warning

The temps seem to be tolerable today, but oh how the cold humidity seemed to saturate every fiber. I was hoping to see the sun shine but unfortunately that wasn’t part of Mother Nature’s plan.

Most of my morning was spent working on up-coming closings which will hopefully take place before our year’s end.  There’ll certainly be some happy campers if I can get both of them closed before Christmas.

Later this morning I went over to an office to get some documents, and there happened to be some sort of inspector there who was speaking with a Southern accent.  I asked him were he was from and he answered, “West Virginia”.  I then asked what area since I’m somewhat familiar with that State.  He said he hailed from the notorious town called Point Pleasant where the Silver Bridge collapse took place back on December 15, 1967.  Of course he must’ve not realized that us Northerners were familiar with that tragic accident which killed many, along with the Mothman sightings that had taken place leading up to its sudden collapse.

We all thought it a bit creepy finding ourselves on that subject with today being the day before the anniversary of that bridge’s deadly collapse.  He took the time to tell his story along with naming a relative or two that were killed that day.  When talking about the Mothman, he seemed a bit skeptical because he’d not seen anything at the time and only relied on hear-say from friends and relatives.  He also mentioned something about other residents seeing strange men lurking in the shadows who were dressed in black.

I couldn’t help but relay a story that was told me recently about a house that was inhabited by some sort of demonic force which terrified the residents of their home to the point of moving out.  They’d even called upon the services of a priest to try and exorcise it, but from the sounds of it, the evil force remained.  The creepy part about that story was that there were 13 power line poles leading up the driveway along with 13 fence posts around the house.  The inspector from West Virginia said something to the effect that Iowa must also have their share of paranormal activity.  I didn’t dare bring up Iowa’s infamous Viscilla axe murder house for fear we’d be talking about that one until lunchtime arrived.

After he left, and since we were on the subject of evil sites, I was compelled to tell a short version of several terrifying experiences I had about 20 years ago.  Just recalling several of those happenings at the time, I could feel goosebumps starting to grow. When finished telling my shortened version, I should’ve added, “If you ever step over a chained driveway of an abandoned farmstead and hear an inner voice telling you to step no farther, heed its warning!”

One of the people in that office also shared a hair-raising story that took place in a home they were renting which was yet another example of how un-seen forces can play with minds and bodies.  Whenever there’s more than one person experiencing and/or witnessing a happening as what was told, there should be no doubt it’s paranormal and dealt with accordingly.  I had to laugh when the person telling the story interjected, “And we weren’t under any sort of influence the night that happened!”

Around mid-afternoon I went out on a pre-listing with one of the sellers who’ll be listing their home after the first of the year just so to give a few pointers regarding what should stay and what should be put away or fully removed from the property.  In these times of “It’s all about presentation”, I believe it very important to remove any visual obstacles which may deter potential buyers.

It’s well built and tastefully upgraded, which will make it all the more desirable–especially for first-time buyers.  All I could find were just little “to-do’s” which could be knocked out in a weekend or two.

Before leaving I said, “I’ll sell your home for you, but you have to promise to send us back two more young and delightful homebuyers.”  She laughed while saying, “We’ll do our best.”

Tonight’s one-liner is:  When you run into something interesting, drop everything else and study it.

Joe Chodur

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  • John C. Heidenreich says:

    This could be my favorite post yet, you creepy monkey. Cryptozoology/Mothman/ghosts/paranormal, I love all that stuff. There should be a book about stuff realtors have witnessed, heard about.