To Such Limits

Most of my morning was spent performing my normal first of the month accounting tasks as well as paying the monthly bills that seem to magically appear every 30 days at my office.  When writing out checks, I once in a while think of the times several in the general public have made a few unkind remarks about how Realtors makes such big bucks with little or no overhead.  Oh if they only knew the real story, because by the time I’m finished signing checks for my office’s monthly operating expenses, my checkbooks are to the point of bleeding.

One of my stops today was at City Hall to drop some papers off and while there, I happened to run into several past clients and customers.  Of course we had to play catch up with each others’ lives, along with inquiring about plans for our upcoming Holidays.  It sounds like many are sticking close to home this year which came as a bit of a surprise when hearing it from one of them because they’ve always taken the Christmas week off and traveled to some sunny resort in Mexico or the Caribbean.  I couldn’t help but ask why they decided against it this year.  They proceeded to share their reasons, and one of the biggest was the fear of violence and possible abduction.  Since they’re more into the do’s and not do’s while vacationing at those resorts, I was brought up to speed on what’s been happening at those far-away places filled with sand and sun.  After listening to them, I’m not so sure I’d ever be in the mood for beachfront resort vacationing.

While walking back to my office I began thinking about how much more wary travelers have to be in these times versus say 20 years ago.  There wasn’t so much gang violence back then as well as the rampant thievery that’s been taking place.  Of course we now have to concern ourselves with the ever-growing bedbug problem.  From what I’ve recently read, even the high-end hotels have been infested with them, and the thought of possibly bringing them back with me to their new and greener “pastures” in my luggage makes me shiver to even think about it.

We just received final loan approval and clear to close on a fast-track sale which looks like it’s going to be closed in far less than 30 days.  Yea! This sale had me a bit nervous when thinking we wouldn’t make it because of the short time constraints, but fortunately the loan officer has been on top of it from the start.  What has made it all the more time sensitive, is that the buyers’ home is set to close on a given day with no exceptions.  Yes, they did have plan B in place just in case their new home didn’t close on time, but now they don’t have to worry about moving their furniture twice.  This is all making me very happy because the buyers are the nicest people you’d ever want to meet, and most certainly will be a great addition to our community.

I had a thought provoking question asked me this afternoon that caught me a bit off guard.  The gentleman asked, “Don’t you ever stop working and go do fun things once in a while?”  I thought for a moment and then replied, “I’m of the stripe who has to be doing something productive each and every day, because if I don’t, I feel like there’s really no reason for me to be taking up space on this God forsaken planet.”  But before I let him speak, I also added, “You may think I work real estate 24/7, but I really don’t because I try to give back my time and  a few talents to our community as much as possible.”  Of course his next question was, “So what are you giving back?”  Since he had me on the ropes, I had to share a few examples by replying, “First of all, there are a more than a few homes around this town that I’ve helped to resurrect and restore to their original beauty which for me is extremely important because we’re loosing all the more of those beauties to the rental barons.”  “Secondly” I said.  “Once or twice a month I offer whatever weak musical abilities I have to a few area churches who are in need of keyboardists for their Services.”

Thank goodness he considered his questions answered enough to where he stopped grilling me, but I do hope I got him to start thinking about what I said and later reflecting on his own giving, or not giving back to our community.  Throwing money at a charity or need is the easy way out which most do, but to freely give you time and talents is much more of a commitment, and believe me, there’ve been times when I’ve been struggling with a structural project or in a very short period of time, learning a piece of music I’ve never heard before, and saying to myself, “Why are you pushing yourself to such limits?”  It doesn’t take but a second or two for me to answer, “Oh stop it! You know you can do it so just git er done!”

I’ve decided to have a public open house this coming Saturday at 24 – 11th St. NE which is another one of Mason City’s grande homes.  I felt it’s time now to have one since the fixer-upper across the street is sold which has been a bit of an eye-sore for the neighborhood.  I’ll now be able to announce to all the prospective buyers that the house across the street is going to be resurrected by its new owners.   Don’t you think we all have a responsibility to keep our homes presentable, and not just for our own sake, but for our community as a whole?

Tonight’s one-liner is:  Be miserable or motivate yourself, because whatever has to be done is always your choice, and yours alone.

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24 – 11th St. NE – Mason City
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