Between Holidays

So much for the sunny day I was expecting.  It was almost like we were trapped somewhere in the Nor-East near a body of water considering how damp the air was.  Oh well, at least it was above freezing which is always a good thing.

Having a few hours to kill this morning, I figured I’d go change my clothes and work at a project. While there, I received several texts from Realtors asking about showing a few of my listings tomorrow.  Since business always comes first before my own little projects, I went back to the office and got those appointments arranged for them.

Being back at the office, I figured I might as well stay there and do some putzing around with files, along with getting a few things organized for my coming work week. A few inquiring calls on listings came in while there which is making me think our slow time of the market won’t be taking place.

The first hour of my public open house at 725 N. Washington was pretty slow, but once the last hour arrived, there were people there nearly the entire time.  An extended family was at the house longer than anyone, which hopefully means there’s interest and they’ll want to come back for a second look.

All those in attendance were surprised by the size and the amount of updates it’s offering.  Its open staircase is “screaming” for a Christmas tree along with its banister being trimmed out with holiday lights and greenery.  Nearly everyone mentioned how beautiful the oak floors were, and of course I had to mention how much more healthy it is for people to have hardwoods instead of carpet.

Speaking of carpet, I happened to notice in a home recently, and once again reminded how old carpet padding begins to disintegrate over time and ends up turning into nasty smelling powder, and if you’ve ever watched someone tearing out carpet and padding, you’ll quickly see how much super-fine dirt made its way thru the carpet and all the deeper into its pad. I can’t recall ever seeing truly clean carpet being removed from a home because there’s always that fine powdery dirt that becomes air-borne.

After my open house, a well-known stopped by for a chat.  We somehow got on the subject of homes and sites which an average person would most likely consider to be haunted.  We both shared our own stories about past events that were beyond scary to the point I was beginning to have goose bumps when certain instances were once again brought up.  I was asked during our conversation  if I ever “felt” cold spots whenever in a questionable home.  At the time I said “No”, but afterwards,  I began acutely remembering a particular afternoon many years ago while hosting a public open house.

In spite of that particular home’s furnace being set at a comfortable temp, I was chilled to the point where I had to put my overcoat back on, and what was all the more creepy, was constantly fighting myself to keep from falling asleep in spite of being very cold.

There was only one person that showed up whom I happened to know in passing, but started acting more than strange just after he walked in.  He waved his arm high and swiped at something invisible in the air while exclaiming, “There are spirits in this house!”

You can only imagine what my reaction was when hearing him say such a thing because that’s all I needed at the time was something like that being said, when all I wanted was to see that open house over and on to my next appointment.  I passed his initial comment off as craziness while encouraging him to take a look at the house in its entirety.  Thank goodness he went on his own personal walk-thru.

I’ll certainly not forget that incident with him at that viewing because besides his initial comment, by the time he was getting ready to leave, he was making some of the most off the wall comments/statements which were starting to get on my nerves and very much under my skin.  I was doing all I could to get him to leave because his language was getting all the more bizarre.  Thank goodness he finally left.

Some days later while thinking about his unexpected visit along with those crazy statements he was making, I began wondering if whatever entity was in that home, somehow possessed him to the point of forcing him to say such abnormal things to me.  Even though I’ve crossed paths with him a time or two in public since then, I dared not bring up that open house visit he made a decade ago.  I wouldn’t be surprised if he’d swear he wasn’t there as well as never saying such grossly inappropriate things.

Since I’d forgotten about that incident until now, the next time I see today’s well known, I’ll have to pardon my forgetfulness and share my experiences at that “chilling” open house.  Just now sharing this story with all of you, my goose bumps are back at it again because I’ve also remembered all the more creepy things that happened in that house during the time I had it for sale.  Thank goodness for “sold” signs!

Let’s all hope our real estate market continues to remain active during these weeks while we’re wedged between holidays.

Tonight’s one-liner is: Average leaders inspire people to punch clocks, while the great inspire industry and passion.

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