Live to Be a Hundred

For those of you that had this Holiday day off, I’m hoping you found time to do something special in spite of this near non-stop rain.  Since our soil is overly-saturated, I’ve noticed a great number of sump pumps running again today.  I’m not so sure we’re going to have our normal Fall colors, and likely because we’re getting so much rain.  There are trees loosing their leaves, but there’s really not much coloring other than shades of green.

My office day was cut in half due to having offered to help a dear old client with the additional work nobody else seems to know how to do, so off I went to help him for nearly the entire afternoon. Since it was exhausting manual labor, there’ll be some aches and pains heading my way come tomorrow morning.

Please don’t think I run to everyone’s call for help, because that’s normally not the case, but if someone has nowhere else to turn and doesn’t come right out and ask, I’m a little more compelled to question if they would like my assistance.

There are far too many in our world who work very hard at getting people, and that’s including me, to get as many freebies as they can out of others, and they’re normally the ones who have more than enough squirreled away to pay.  It’s happened far too often with me than I care to even remember, but you can bet that when the time comes for you to ask them for a few favors, they’ll have their mental abacuses in motion to see if they’ve taken enough of your time to give any small portion back. Unfortunately with the likes of those types, there are always strings attached.

For a great many years, there was a crotchety old miser within my circle of family and friends.  Since he’s long deceased, I can speak more freely about his ways which mirror many others in our society.  The most annoying thing about him was his high and mighty dismissiveness towards nearly everyone with the exception of his children and grandchildren, but for the most part, he played the part of the know it all big daddy.  If you’re wondering what he looked like, just think back of those singing hillbillies on the sofa of that old TV serial “Hee Haw”.

There were many times I would be called upon to help him, and the only reason I’d do so was because of his dear wife whom I couldn’t understand why she continued to stay married to him, but that’s another long story.  The only time he was all sugar and spice, was when he wanted me to do something, and/or needed something from me.  It became near hilarious internally whenever seeing how he’d flip right back to his mean-spirited self once getting what he wanted.  There were times when I believed he must’ve had some invisible button or switch he’d flip on and off when a personality change was necessary.

The reason I speak about him now, is that I look back on those clearly remembered experiences which have in these times, helped me to more easily recognize similar traits in others.  I’ve actually given my two cents worth with a given few who’ve found themselves under the yokes of other well-polished manipulative behaviors.

As I’ve said before, a true friend is one who accepts you just as you are with absolutely no strings attached.  Even if there’s the thinest single string, you’re not in a pure friendship.  I lost a near and dear friend some time ago, and what has haunted me since is knowing that I would have to live to be a hundred in hopes of finding a friendship as strong as that one was.  But, it was just another life lesson that had to be learned just as all the rest will have to learn either sooner or later, because we all must understand it’s part of life’s process.

On another note, I do hope you all know some young family that’s looking to own their own home with a monthly payment which would be far less than what they’re now paying for rent.  My listing at 146 – 12th St. NW is still available which has me a little puzzled because it offers a number of newer windows, oak floors, a pretty open staircase, enclosed front and back porches, all appliances, a garage, and much more for only $49,500.  It’s an estate which means it has to get sold more sooner than later.  If you know anyone who’s wanting to fire their landlord, please have them give me a call.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  People who think you’re able to wave a magic wand and legacies of the past will be over are blind.

Joe Chodur

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