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There’s no question this summer has been one filled with lingering humidity.  I’m sure many of the newbies to North Iowa will think all are summers are filled with heat and humidity.  The sales of dehumidifiers have been brisk to where some stores can’t keep enough of them in stock.  I showed a vacant home today that didn’t have central air, and I could see mildew already starting to form in areas of the basement.  Heat and humidity are prime conditions for growing molds and mildews.

The day seemed to pass all the quicker with the number of phone calls and drop-ins.  It looks like I’ll be working with offers on two of my listings this weekend.  I’m going to stay hopeful both sales will come together and make it to their closings without any road blocks or landmines.

A very dear client/customer stopped by this afternoon just to play catch-up with what’s been happening in our lives.  She mentioned having read my post of last night while laughing about my “no filters” conversation with the Alliant workers.  Since she’s worked in the field of nutrition, she said, “Most people who’re overweight haven’t a clue the number of carbs they’re consuming on a daily basis.”, along with saying, “It’s not so much the calories that make you fat, but rather the number of carbs.  I’ve learned years ago to look for carb content instead of calories.  When you drastically cut your carbohydrate intake, it forces your body to start burning the fat you’ve already stored, which allows you to eat normally and not feel as though you’re starving yourself.”  I agreed with her while saying, “Since you’re so slim and trim, you should go out and educate people about their bad eating habits.”  Unfortunately she didn’t think that to be a good idea.

After she left, I began thinking about all the food and drinks we consume on a daily basis that are filled with carbs.  I personally believe our general population has no idea the massive amounts we consume on a daily basis.  I realize as we get older, we grow larger, but seeing so many of our young noticeably overweight, makes me wonder what they’re going to look like when they’re in their 40’s and 50’s, and the additional health problems they develop because of it.  A very well read doctor mentioned to me recently that Diabetes is going to possibly be the number one health problem in the not so distant future.  It makes me think of an old German saying that goes, “Man is what he eats.”  I’d say in our times, it would be more like, “Our health is the by-product of what we eat.”

I spoke with the seller of 1104 – 16th St. NE today about another price reduction, and I’m hoping she’ll call Monday to have me drop the price.  I still can’t believe a “flipper” or first time buyer hasn’t purchased it.  It’s in a great neighborhood and since it sits on a big lot, and being a ranch, there are unlimited possibilities for creating fast equity.  If I were looking for something to fix up and re-sell, that home would make the cut.  Since I’ve been involved in fix-ups and restorations, I look at that home and see an easy project.

With that having not yet sold, it’s just another example of how our times have changed, and continue to wonder why so many families are carrying heavy debt loads.  Buying what you want “NOW” on long-term credit, far surpasses those who’re willing to work and wait.  It seems too many want “NOW”, what their parents worked for years to get.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  My mother had a great deal of trouble with me but I think she enjoyed it.

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