Infantile Actions

I certainly wasn’t expecting to find it so hot and humid today which was quite a turn-around from yesterday’s pleasant temps.  Unfortunately, the wind turned directions on us and is now coming from the south, and likely delivering this hot and humid air from the Gulf.  After seeing how hot it is in Northern Europe, I can’t imagine what those people are doing to keep cool because central air is pretty much non-existent that far up on the globe.  I just happened to look at Vienna Austria’s forecast, and was shocked to see their high is supposed to be 93 degrees tomorrow! I’m sure it’s not so bad in the countryside, but to be trapped in an apartment with such heat has got feel like part of a slow cooking crockpot’s recipe. There’ll certainly be all the more cold beers being consumed during these days in Middle Europe’s German States.

I had another showing at 40 Lakeview Drive today, and while out at the shoreline, I couldn’t help but say to the buyers, “I can’t imagine anyone having an attitude while living on this lake, because water always seems to have a calming effect on people.”  I even went on to say, “I’d even enjoy winters out here with the white snow and ice while watching the sun dogs during the day, and the evening lights shimmering across Lake Cona Toma during our long winter nights.

Watching how the waves were rippling, I was compelled to tell them it reminded me of a scene from the movie, “The Minority Report”.  Being surprised they’d not heard of it, I insisted they have to find it and watch it because even though it was made likely ten or more years ago, it gives one a creepy feeling that our world is headed in that direction just by the way people are identified in that movie.  If you haven’t seen it, do please watch it, and afterwards, I believe you’ll agree with me.

It looks like next week, I’ll be getting a new listing that I previewed yesterday.  I told the seller this morning that after all these years of selling real estate, I’ve never had a listing in that district I couldn’t get sold, so hopefully it’ll have a sold sign on it more sooner than later.  Likely the reason I’ve always had good luck in that neighborhood, is because I’m so familiar with it, along with many of the features most buyers would over-look had I not pointed them out.  If it were listed earlier this year, it would’ve definitely been one that would’ve gone under contract far ahead of others I’ve seen sold by my competitors these past months. When visiting with the seller, I reminded him of how exceptionally well built it is.  I told him that most likely it’ll be a single male buying it because of the privacy it offers, along with the size of its double garage.  If there’s a hunter in our market come next week and happens to see it online, I’ll wager he’ll be the new owner.

Later this afternoon I had a conversation with a well known who seemed somewhat upset over some childish pranks that were being played by several of his family members. I quietly listened while telling me how he always wants the best for people and doesn’t actively go out and set land mines of hurt for others.  He’s they type who always thinks he can kill the world with kindness, but unfortunately, the gentle soul such as he, has no clue how dark-minded all many more in our world have become.  I’m convinced those growing numbers are the by-product of an increase in alcohol and opioid consumption.

All I could say was, “Just remember, there are those who’re always looking for attention, and if they can’t get it in a good way, they’ll certainly get it in a bad.”  My advice to him was, “The damage has been done and the hurts were felt, so turn away from it and continue on your upward path, and forget about those that are slippery-sliding down into the abyss.”  I’m hoping he’ll not let such nonsense bother him any longer because he really is a good soul, and I’d hate to seem him needlessly fret over the infantile actions of his “tribe”.  The world is growing all the more raw as our sensitivities continue to be scraped away by the growing number of dark minds living in our midst.

I’m in hopes you all have some fun things planned for this weekend, and if you know of anyone looking for a great bargain condo, please have them come have a look at my public open house tomorrow at 422 S. Tennessee Place here in Mason City.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  The breaking of a wave cannot explain the whole sea.

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