Spirit of Gratefulness

I would say in these past days, there’s been a spike in the calls from prospective buyers, along with other agents showing my office listings.  Perhaps the momentum of buying will continue on into the month of July.  The price ranges that I’ve seen the most activity, are those in the $100K+ and $200K plus ranges.  As I’ve suspected all along, the average first-time buyers are not in that below $100K bracket as much as they’ve been in past years.  It’s unfortunate the expectations of our young are far greater than the generations before them.  With that said, I’d say there’s money to be made by those who’re willing to buy low, fix up, and sell high to those first-timers.

One of my extended appointments today was with an out of town buyer who I do hope decides to purchase and move here.  She’s a senior looking to down-size, along with being an absolute sweetie. Her sense of humor is contagious.  She reminds be a bit of my grandmother who was always able to have the last word or two which were always witty.  It didn’t take long for me to discover she’s a real people person who’s the happiest when around others of like mind.  I became a little teary-eyed when she soulfully complimented me for my thoughts and comments while I was with her.  Believe it or not, I truly wish the best for everyone–even those very naughty monkeys. For them I include a footnote which is, “I’ll wish the best for you, as long as you stay as far away from me as possible, but no farther.”

One of my dear ones shared a few biting words he penned to someone who’d crossed the line with him in a very dis-respectful way. I couldn’t help but laugh reading it because it was so eloquently written, yet quiet blistering.  The following is an excerpt:

“If there was a book entitled “In defense of Hitler” you would be the first to purchase it, and read it wholeheartedly as food for your methods of controlling all you come in contact with. Your need to control every aspect of other people’s lives, comes from your lack of self control in your own life, and an immature emotional outlook on the way things are and the way things should be. Your emotional growth has been stunted from a very early age, and there has been no growth that I can see for a very long time. This is my feeble attempt to make the world a better place by showing people their egregious errors.”

Wouldn’t you consider those words strong enough to bring just about anyone to their knees?  I only hope I never find myself in his crosshairs.

Another buyer called to see my listing at 801 W. Main in Fertile late this afternoon.  It was a very good showing and I’ll not be surprised if I hear from them again.  They are a young family with three handsome children who are of that age of intense curiosity.  I had to laugh when one of the children made mention that I must be rich since I live in such a beautiful home.  Of course his mother quickly corrected him along with informing him I was the owners’ Realtor who was hired to help them sell it.

On my way back, I stopped at the Fertile mill and took the above photo.   I was surprised to find the water slightly higher than it was yesterday.  Those four inches of rain Forest City received several days ago, is sure taking its time getting downstream.  As fast as the water is moving, I sure wouldn’t want to be out boating in it.

Tonight’s one-liner is:   The best of all mornings is when awakened in the spirit of gratefulness.

Joe Chodur

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