Cunningly Fomenting

Here we are at the 12th of April, and the snowbanks in the Manor’s parking lot across the street from my office, are still around six feet tall.  Just so you get a better picture of how creepy our weather has been, we are 112 days past the winter solstice which was back on the 21st of December 2017.  But, what’s all the more shocking is finding that after counting 112 days backwards from December 21st of 2017, we would arrive at the date of August 31st.  Now, if we do get another snowstorm on Sunday, that would be akin to having snow in late August.  I think you’re now getting the picture why people are all the more stir-crazy, and this extended snow and cold has a great deal to do with it.

Yesterday I read an article about what’s now happening with our ocean’s cyclical currents which are key components in sustaining all life..  Researchers believe that due to the rapid ice cap melt-offs, those currents are being affected in a bad way which could trigger all the more hellacious climate changes.  It was mentioned that we could be experiencing something far less severe than what was presented in the movie, “The Day After Tomorrow” which was released back in 2004.  I personally watched it a number of years ago, but I think it’s time for me to go back for another viewing.  If you think about it, some of those futuristic films from years ago make us to wonder if a few of those screenwriters were clairvoyantly looking into our planet’s future.

I’m still trying to keep the sale of one of my listings held together, but it looks like things aren’t going well for the selling Realtor’s buyers, and their time to perform is rapidly running out. This situation is getting all the more under my skin because my sellers are two of the nicest people you’d ever want to meet.  I’ll do whatever I have can to keep that sale together, but there will come a time when there’ll be a “cutting-loose” of that agent’s buyers so we can move forward and offer it to other willing and able prospects.

My closing this afternoon was another “soft landing” for my senior sellers.  The only reason they decided to move was that the Mr. couldn’t take care of those endless winter and summer exterior chores.  I was compelled to give the Mrs. a big hug because she’s such a dear one.  We both promised to keep in touch because there’s a great goodness that lives within the both of them.  I mentioned to the buyers how lucky they were to get it purchased more sooner than later because we had many calls on their home from the time their purchase contract was signed.

I showed one of my client’s rental today to a young man who’s looking for a larger home for his growing family.  I visited with him a little before he left and found out his girlfriend is expecting her 5th child. I think he was expecting me to be shocked when hearing it, but all I could say was, “I come from a large farm family, and certainly don’t have a problem with couples having more than the average as long as they take active steps in promoting their children’s health and welfare.”  He really didn’t show much of an acknowledgment, so I figured he must not have considered my comment to his liking.  Oh well, that’s my belief and I’m still sticking to it.

With all this heightened saber-rattling that’s going on in Syria and the Middle East after another confirmed chemical attack on innocent men, women, and children, and along with Israel’s bombing of a Syrian military installation, I’m growing all the more fearful we’re moving to some very serious military show-downs.  One international leader I blame the most is Czar Putin because for years, he’s been cunningly fomenting hatred and discord all across the Middle East, Europe, and even here in our Americas. And to think he wants to re-wind the past and restore his world to the status of the old Soviet Union.  Has anyone ever got in his face and soulfully said, “The past is dead.”?

I believe tonight’s one-liner the most appropriate, which is:  Awful punishment awaits really bad people.

Joe Chodur

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