White Shite Tonight

I walked up the not so slick sidewalk and got the house unlocked as well as turning on as many lights I could find.  But while doing that, I hadn’t realized the buyers had already arrived and were making their way in the direction of the driveway.  Before I got the front door opened, the husband had already slipped and nearly fallen.  I quickly called after them not to use the driveway because I’d nearly fallen myself.  The showing went well, but all the while, in the back of my mind I kept thinking about that ice-covered driveway.   We all managed to get back to our vehicles without falling, but I was just a wee bit angered with that home’s owners for not keeping their driveway and sidewalks more clear.

I was aghast when hearing the number of patients Mercy Hospital’s emergency room had admitted during a recent 48 hour period.  You can be sure a great number of them were ice-related falls.  Even today a dear client had mentioned how he’d fallen flat on his back while outdoors several days ago, and luckily didn’t land on concrete which certainly must’ve kept him from breaking any bones.

My public open house was an exceptional success considering the weather.  I thought for sure I’d be stuck there reading a magazine I’d taken with me just in case there’d be only a few if any in attendance.  There were at least three couples there who were closely looking the home over.  I mentioned to each and every one how I believed it to be the best buy in today’s market.  We’ll see what comes of it this next week.  Just for your information, the magazine I took with me was “The Economist” which as far as I’m concerned, is one of the best weekly magazines available for anyone wanting to be informed on a wide variety of current world events. That’s one subscription I’m happy to have ordered.

Before the weather started getting bad, I decided to make a quick run out-of-town to a church service.  The pastor gave one of the world’s shortest sermons so to get everyone back home before the roads got worse.  Afterwards, while walking down the sidewalk towards my car, I noticed someone’s massive male Pit Bull must’ve got loose and was randomly following people to their cars.  Just to look at that breed of dog causes me to cringe.  I kept saying in my mind, “Now don’t you start following me to my car Mr. Pit!”  Luckily he must’ve smelled something in the back yard of a home down the street, and there he remained until I got in my vehicle.  For me, the best view of a Pit Bull is seeing one in my rear view mirror while rapidly driving in the opposite direction.

If there’s one positive out-come of this winter when finally over, is that there’ll certainly be all the more people deciding it’s time to throw away their snow shovels and ice worries and get themselves safely situated in senior housing, and of course the best that’s available in North Iowa, is Prairie Place on 1st here in Mason City which still has 13 units available.  If I were one of them, I’d be getting one purchased now before there are fewer from which to choose come Spring.

Do take extra care with your driving tomorrow because it looks like we’re in for more  than a dusting of that white shite tonight, and it looks all the more wet and heavy too!

Joe Chodur

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