Charging into Battle

Charging into BattleI’ll hopefully be posting a listing tomorrow which I believe will sell relatively fast simply because yours truly has already been quite taken by its exterior style and floor plan. It’s a home that’s caught my eye many times over these long years and having been blessed with the opportunity to sell it, I’m exceptionally delighted. It’s no wonder its been in the current owner’s family for nearly 50 years. Whomever designed it must have been a first generation builder from likely somewhere in Northern Europe.

The steep roof lines and extra attention to details have given me clues of where the design came from. What’s also very interesting about the home is that it’s of limited square footage, but it doesn’t “feel” to be so due to the compact unity contained within. When I went to get the key from the owner, and discuss a few details, a young visitor showed up. He seemed to be quite taken by my compliments over the home and asked for the address. I’d likely piqued his interest enough to where he’ll do at least a drive by. After telling him about all the features, he said, “It sounds like quite the home.” I then smiled and said, “If you like it, I’ll then consider you to be another in possession of great taste.” While leaving he said, “You really do have a sense of humor.” I replied as I most often do, “We need to have a few more spirit-lifting laughs in these times.” I’m just glad I’m getting more new listings to replace the ones I’ve been selling these past months.

I’m keeping hopeful I’ll not be catching a cold since about half the people I’ve come into contact with lately have raging ones. I really get quite irritated with people when they don’t hold their mouths when they cough, or at least turn away from the ones they’re facing. Whatever happened to the hard-coded manners that were learned back during our childhoods? Are parents and teachers not instructing their children social manners anymore? Again, it’s the fear factor with elders fearing they’re going to hurt someone else’s feelings. Feelings need not be hurt when they’re told in a non-mean spirited manner. Everyone must learn, and all the better it is when done in a good way. I can’t remember how we managed to get on the subject of squirrels over the weekend with a family, but I re-called the incident several years ago when a naughty squirrel was trying to find a way into the back of my building. Over the course of a month or so, I’d see it and try to chase it way. The more I challenged it, the more it became defiant.

Well, one day I thought I’d chase it across the alley and down the block. It decided to take a run up one of those extra large electric poles where those major electric lines make their way Downtown. I thought, “You just get up that pole and stay there!” I walked back into the office and about a minute or two later I heard this huge “BOOM” as if someone had shot off a cannon. I scratched my head wondering what had happened. I walked back out towards the alley looking for something that had exploded. I didn’t see anything and just as I was turning away, I noticed a blob of something falling from that pole. I walked over to see what it was and became mortified. That squirrel must have touched one of those high voltage wires and fried itself from inside out. It was missing most of its hair and was really quite bloated. I suddenly came to a full understanding in how an animal can blow out a transformer and in an instant and become crispy fried. Well, one of the young family members was laughing so hard by my storytelling, he was nearly rolling on the floor. When leaving he said to his mother, “Can Joe come and visit us so he can tell more funny stories?” She then turned to me and said, “It looks like you have a new friend.” I really do think children prefer hearing funny tales from on-site storytellers, than playing computer games where there’s always someone or something charging into battle. When I was young, it was always that good storyteller who could lift my spirits.

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