Dogged Determination

Dogged DeterminationIt’s amazing when looking for what one would believe to be the most common of items to replace, you find yourself looking everywhere including online, and ending at dead ends.  I think there’s some great conspiracy taking place with manufactures to where if you need to have a common item replaced, you have to go back to that manufacturer.  As my luck would have it, everything I’ve found is either too big, too small, or the wrong overall dimension.  So when looking for something that’s 6″ x 5″, I’ve found 6″ x 6″ and 5″ x 5″, but no 6″ x 5″.  What’s been even more frustrating is finding the company who manufactured it has gone out of business.  After my online searchings, I’ve come to the conclusion you really can’t find everything online no matter how diligently you search.  Having spent far too much time looking for a replacement, I’ve found myself having learned a valuable lesson, and that’s to never remove and discard the simplest of items until its replacement is in my possession. Oh, the continuous stream of life lessons to learn certainly keeps our brains engaged whether we like it or not along with creating a few humbling experiences along the way.

I was delighted to read in the newspaper several days ago where the City is allowing deer to be hunted in the City sometime in September.  Just last weekend I mentioned in jest to someone how I believe we have more deer roaming around inside our City limits than there are out in the countryside.  I don’t think there’s a morning that goes by where I don’t see at least one while driving to work, and the scary part about it is that I’m not even looking for them.  We’ll be seeing a lot more of their movements come rutting season. I only hope we don’t have any windows being broken by bucks who are seeing their reflections and believing they’re being challenged by competitors.  The aftermath is not a pretty sight.

I happened to run into a person today I hadn’t seen in a very long time to where I wasn’t immediately recognized.  This person lost a spouse a number of years ago and I never did have the opportunity to mention how much I was in admiration of that person’s work when alive.  I was moved to share my fond memories along with the number of times this person has continued to enter my thoughts.  I’ve decided long ago there are reasons for certain people to be remembered so clearly.  I believe it’s the lasting good they’ve done while living that keeps their memories alive long after death. If there were more people who’d really work at doing good for others, they wouldn’t have to worry about living forever because the memories of them will be kindly held for years to come. Good deeds done while living create lasting inspirations that survive the grave.  After walking away, I began thinking about how many of us just “settle” on attempting to be good and wishing others well in spite of their having hurt us in some form or another.  I believe the hardest part of walking away and wishing someone well, is to not ever consider what sort of payback they’ll get in return for the wrongs done to others.  It becomes a dogged determination to keep on an upward path and never look back to see if justice had been served upon them.  When we’ve cut all those invisible strings and ropes that keep us tied to those hurtful memories, we will have then found ourselves risen to the next level of growth and human development, and all the better for it.

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