It was Her that made Me Look

It was Her that made Me LookWithout question, I’d say this weekend was quite the zoom-zoom, and when it was all over I thought to myself, “Well, it always happens this way whenever you have specific time sensitive jobs to do, there’s always a fly or two in the ointment.”  I’m getting better at not being so rattled by it all and just continue to move forward as best I can.

I was reminded these past several days how some people cannot be the least bit aware that it’s a weekend and without the slightest consideration, begin texting and calling about non-critical things that could have easily waited until Monday.  I’m sure many others feel the same about those few who seem to get some sort of sick jollies out of calling or texting on off hours when they should’ve known better.  I think much of it goes back to the narcissism that’s running rampant in our society.  With them, it’s always about “me” and not about any other soul on this earth. Oh well, that’s all we can do is remain firm in our own convictions that it is all about “us” and continue living forward.

I was happy to see a number of people out bicycling and walking about today.  It would be great and wonderful if everyone would get into the spirit and make a daily habit of it.  It really is unfortunate to see so many exceptionally overweight children in our midst.  Their parents know fully they’re setting them up for serious health problems in the future.  The combination of poor eating habits and lack of exercise is a deadly combination for children during their formative years. I know I mentioned before when I’ve seen too many parents being overly protective of their children and not encouraging them to be outdoors. The explicit horrifying newsreels being shown on prime time television has created heightened anxieties with parents to where they’d rather have their children inside than out so they can keep a closer eye on them.  Unfortunately parents aren’t aware how clever the smart phones are and how their children have learned to skate around on the internet in the social media rooms where there’s likely those real dangers lurking.  I know times have certainly changed in just one or two generations when remembering my formative years.  I rarely ever encountered a parent who preferred to have their children indoors.  Nearly everyone including myself was highly encouraged to be outdoors rather than inside.  Parents in those days always thought their children to be too much under foot when hovering about indoors.  Like my mother used to say, “Idle minds and hands belong in the Devil’s workshop.”

I got a good laugh to myself today when one of my clients caught me in my work togs out picking up some supplies in a grocery store.  Since I’ve known her for years including her guile-less comments that are of the type that really aren’t cutting in a bad way, but certainly calling anything and everything as she sees it.  As I swung around the corner of an aisle I almost ran into her and said, “Oh Mercy! Look who’s out shopping on a Sunday morning!” She smirked and said, “Really?  And you didn’t know that even she-devils have to eat too?”  She went on by saying, “Oh Mister Chodur, don’t you look quite evocative today with your tight-fitting leisure wear.  I think if your sweats were any tighter I’d swear you were wearing leg-ins.”  All I could counter her remark was by saying, “Anything to make me blush, but it looks like I at least got you to look.”

Yes, it’s OK to get a tablespoon of someone’s acid humor as long as it’s not mean spirited.  But I dare say the first mirror I later encountered, I was quick to make sure my sweats didn’t look like leg-ins.  In the end, it was her that made me look.

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