Always Bites

Always BitesIn spite of appointments being set for the following day, when in real estate sales and property management, one never really knows what’s going to happen throughout the day due to phone calls, texts, e-mails, and walk-ins.  With that said, there’s an upside to having something new and different happening each day as well as hearing or seeing something that one wished never took place.  One of the happenings today was a visit from a long ago previous tenant who for some reason always seems to be moving from apartment to house and then back.  I really don’t think he goes out looking for problems—they always seem to find him.  I’m almost ready to start calling him “Dark Cloud” since no matter where he goes or what he does, a dark cloud is right there following behind.  I’ve seen this happen with other ones before as well as whole families.  It’s almost as though some great curse was placed on them and they can’t seem to get it lifted.  I’ve also found it to be unbiased in what socio-economic class they belong.  We’ll find poor people who’re always struggling due to the seemingly never ending troubles that arrive, and following humanity all the way to the top like the Kennedys suffering greatly from tragedies that never seemed to end.  I’ve always been of the belief that 90% of our current states have been caused by choice, and the other 10% fate.  With those people and families with their on-going dark clouds, it seems the percentages have been switched.

I wasn’t able to endure very much of the young man’s tales of troubles today since it seemed like a repeating news reel I’d heard many times before.  After he walked out this afternoon I thought, “When will there ever be a bright day for him and his young family?”  I noticed he’s evolved to the point where nearly everything he talks about is negative and quick to tell how it came to be. When thinking about it, there almost seems to be some sort of inner likely or comfort when being in such states.  Like some have said, “We’ll go back to some of the worst environments simply because of the safety of being familiar with its workings.”  There’s great safety for some in knowing things will remain the same irregardless of the pain and suffering that comes with it.  I’ve seen people get divorced from really nasty people and then later find they’ve found similar replacements.  It’s all about the safety with familiarities. Some even encourage such thinking by saying things like, “Better the devil you know than the one you don’t.”  Yes, it sounds like a warning to stay in a bad situation instead of going out and getting into one much worse.   And lastly, there are those of us who absolutely do not like big change; be it with housing, work, personal relationships, and even scheduling.  Most of them are the quiet work horses that say little and do much.  In spite of their shortcomings, they’re the ones who keep the “machines” of the world working.

Part of the problem I’ve been noticing with many of the young who’ve fallen on hard times is finding they’ve come from families where their parents allowed them to do whatever they wanted. Instead of working at being good parents, they worked at being their children’s best friends.  Not good.  As I said to a wise older man today, “It’s far better to be the dog that barks a little and always bites, than one that barks a lot but never bites.”

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