Swiss Sugar Cookies

Swiss Sugar CookiesIt’s always very interesting to find how sometimes in conversations strictly based upon the business at hand, some people will veer off onto subjects that can be a bit hair raising and even to the point of one’s face becoming red.  Whenever I’ve discovered my face turning red from something being heard, I do try to take it to the bright side and consider myself still a bit naive to things going on around me—especially the evolving meanings of words that I’ve not had the time or desire to learn.  The most recent time I became exceptionally embarrassed in not knowing the new meaning of a word, I happened to be the center of some good laughs while in the company of a number of early 20ish women who were laughing and giggling about a young man they appeared to be talking about.  I didn’t consider myself eavesdropping, but since they were talking so loud, I couldn’t help but hear most of what they were so intently discussing.  I pretty much understood they were fully captivated by this gentleman, but there continued to be one word that was entering the conversation that didn’t make any sense within the context of their discussion.  Of course silly me after making a pretty clear cut assumption that this young man and likely others were going around our area picking up scrap metal and digging in dumpsters for hidden treasures which could be sold for profit either online or at the metal scrap yards.  The girls went on to say how beautiful his stuff was and how many times they’d either seen it or would like to get a peek.  Since they were standing at a counter of a business, and I was ready to leave, my curiosity had finally got the best of me to where I said to them, “So where does this friend of yours store all of the beautiful junk you say he has?”  Oh Mercy!  I had absolutely no idea they were talking about something entirely different.  They couldn’t seem to stop with their laughter until I said, “Well, it looks like the last laugh is on me for not knowing the new age word for a man’s private parts which in my circles wouldn’t likely even be discussed behind closed doors and shuttered windows.  Not long after that happened, I took a gander online to see how many slang words have now replaced those which have long been in use.  I certainly was brought up to speed by how many there were.  From that time on, I decided to never assume what the subject matter is of a conversation when there are words contained which don’t fit.

I had to meet with an elderly woman today to get some papers signed and of course she being of the old school, offered me a light snack.  While seated, I was taken back likely 30+ years when it was pretty much a given when visiting someone’s home. There would be coffee and at least cookies or some sort of sweet bread offered.  It was absolutely normal in those days, and when visiting even the most distant of relatives in my family, there would always be something served.  It was just the same whenever we had visitors when I was but a young man.  Since I was so taken by the taste of the cookies she offered, she actually packed a number of them up for me to take home and enjoy.  She is of the old school and makes everything from scratch and likely why I was so taken by the taste.  I asked her what she called them and she said, “They’re raspberry filled Swiss sugar cookies.”  I couldn’t have thanked her enough for bringing back such fond memories while eating them.  Sometimes I do wish some of the old ways were still alive and well.  The photo above is what they look like.  Bon a petit!

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