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Another delightful day happened in our little region, and glad for it because I had some extra traveling to do this afternoon. Pretty much all of my morning was consumed by desk work, returning phone calls from yesterday, and paying some bills that had recently arrived. I also had to deal with a small situation which was a spill-over from one of last week’s closings, and I think we finally have everything ironed out. As much as I despise call-backs after closings, and no matter how hard I try not to have them, they do happen.

The acreage I spoke about earlier this week, is officially listed for sale, and posted out in the cyber-universe. It’s a five acre parcel that happens to be located at 4697 Raven Ave. which is straight east of Northwood on Hwy 105 about 2 – 3 miles, and listed at a bargain basement price of $82,500.

After viewing the interior photos of the home which was built in 1979, many would think it’s beyond resurrection, but after a closer inspection, a real forward-thinking buyer would realize that’s all it needs is an interior clean-out, a good scrubbing, and removal of floor coverings, and then the fun would begin.

When I went down to inspect the basement, I discovered it has a good electrical service, a solid concrete block foundation, and a massive “I” beam running down its center. Of course the person who built it, never bothered to have the basement floor poured, but once that’s done, it would add additional living area because of how deep it is.

It’s part of an estate, and when visiting with the partial owner, he said the well has been working fine, along with never having an problems with the septic system. For sure having that well, saves a great deal of money because drilling a new well is costly in these times.

I’m showing on the listing that there’s no garage, but there is, and since it’s in need of some serious roof work, I didn’t include it. The partial owner did say it had a concrete floor in it, so at least it could be restored. There are concrete block wall remnants of several other buildings, but I couldn’t get close enough to see if they’d be worthy of having new roofs installed. There’s no doubt, it was a big working farm at one time.

Most people looking for acreages want them on hard surface roads which this one has on two sides. Another big item is if there’s a grove with mature trees on an acreage setting, and of course, this one has more than plenty.

There’s quite a bit of junk in the dooryard which the partial owner said he’s working on getting removed, which I believed because as I was pulling in, a big flatbed truck was hauling out an old car. Since that place has been in their family for a number of years, it would be interesting to see what other vintage items may faintly be visible in its grove.
Each way I turned, I felt myself looking thru a window to a world of possibilities.

When you think about it, even if one would pay asking price, you’d be buying five acres for a little over $16,000 per acre, a working well, an newer ranch home that has over 1,000 square feet of living area on the main floor, a large grove with mature trees, and only 2+ miles from the County Seat. Yes, there will be some industrious individual who’ll buy it, and have that diamond in the rough polished into a sparkling gem.

Just as I was getting ready to leave, a young gentleman called my cell phone saying he was parked in the drive and wondering if he could have a look. I asked the owner, and he said, “Let him look at it.” After getting a good long look, I think there’s some interest, but I’m sure he’ll want his wife to see it before he pulls the trigger. I know his family who certainly have the assets to assist if necessary. I’ve learned long ago that there’s some pretty deep pockets in Worth County’s farming community.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the big farmer who owns the land surrounding it, will be ready to pay extra, just to square-off his tillable acres. I do hope he doesn’t because that’ll remove one more agricultural residence in Worth County which is already too-loosely populated. Whether those old farmers realize it or not, they must work at encouraging our younger generation to make their homes in Worth County.

Please make sure to tell all your friends and relatives about my new acreage listing at 4697 Raven Ave. because you rarely ever find one priced that low in our area. Just remember, the acreages sales are on a burn which is causing the prices to climb monthly.

I returned a phone call to one of my dear ones today, and had a very nice long-overdue chat with her. I was glad to hear all was well, and hopefully once this pandemic is over, we’ll be able to get together. She’s indeed a quiet gentle soul with a great understanding of it all.

Another call I had to return while out, was to another dear friend whom I’d not heard from in months. We talked about how the RV’s are becoming the craze, and because he was near-late for an online conference, I wasn’t able to tell him about the cutest little blue and white “pod” pull-behind camper I noticed parked in a driveway of a home out on our southwest side. Every time I see one of them, it automatically brings a smile to my face. As much as I’m not into camping, I think having one of them would be a weekend filled with delight. I wasn’t sure if it was an old one from the 1950’s, or a retro new. Whatever the case, it gave me a grin.

Tonight’s one-liner is: Knowledge which is divorced from justice, may be called cunning rather than wisdom.

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