Curse Bucket

Without a doubt, by the time I arrived home, I truly felt as though I’d been ridden hard and put away wet, and mostly due to the non-stop tasks both big and small I had on today’s plate.

Weather-wise, I’d say it was also an interesting one where we had overcasts skies, a little rain, and then a solid blue the rest of the afternoon. I didn’t have much of a lunch hour due to this day’s daunting task, but after meeting a contractor out at a house, I stopped by a convenience store, vacuumed my car out, and grabbed a half sandwich which tasted like compressed sawdust.

Before heading back to my office, I stopped and did a quick checkup on my private garden of tomatoes and peppers. After seeing how those San Marzano tomatoes are growing, I think I’ll have to do a little improvising with several panels of cattle fencing, just so they have enough space to crawl and climb. I’ll certainly not like seeing them on the ground where they’ll end up rotting on their bottom sides. If time is available, that’ll be one of my projects this coming Sunday.

Another milestone was passed in the life of Holtz Realty today, and that being the first time I’ve had to supply all requested documents to our Real Estate Commission’s auditor. I received an email from her yesterday, which I then followed up with a phone call. The reason for yesterday’s call, was to inform me that my trust account and files were up for an audit, and since the auditor is not making office calls during this pandemic, she requested I supply to her all the documentation she later sent in an email.
She gave me until Friday to get it to her, but you know me, I wasn’t going to wait until the last dog was dead.

Beginning at around 6:00 am this morning, I went to work at gathering and scanning all the files she requested. The first tranche of documents I emailed to her, were all my recent trust account transactions, reconciliations, and journal pages, along with copies of my bank statements.

My next big batch, were the pending sale files which are coming up for closing, and because she was requesting only certain documents out of those files, I had to take time to go thru each file, page by page. By the time I had them all organized and ready to scan, they almost didn’t fit into my scanner’s hopper which was another first for me.

After they were scanned, I compressed them all into a zip file, and then had to upload it to OneDrive because of its size. Believe me, that compressed file was twice the size of Microsoft’s 32 megabyte limit. Since I rarely do that, I was compelled to make the call to make sure she got it, and glad to hear it did come thru for her.
As much as I worked to have all she wanted sent right away, an afternoon appointment to list a home came first, and right after finishing with that listing, I returned to my office and continued on with the copying of other files the auditor wanted. After paging thru each file, and then pulling the requested docs from each, and then making sure they were all in order, my thick stack of scanning was once again started.

When finished, another zip file had to be uploaded to OneDrive, and from what I could see on my end, I think everything was received by about 4:30 pm. Now that was a marathon of gathering, sorting, identifying, and delivering in one day. In my last email, I made sure she ask for additional information if needed. As I said, this was another history-making day for Holtz Realty because we’ve never had to undergo a remote audit, and due to the amount of time I had to spend on it, hopefully never again.

Today’s new listing is located at 1531 N. Pennsylvania which is a 4 bedroom, 1 3/4 bath zero-entry home that’s spotlessly clean and maintenance free. Since the owner wants it sold quickly, we priced it at $93,500 which is thousands below the assessed value. There’s no question that home is going to make a great place to enjoy both the indoors and outdoors, and with the lot size being larger than normal, there’s more space to build a monster garage. The real selling point, is the new walking/bike path that’s being built on the old railroad property behind it which will go all the way from the Downtown, to the Nature Center. Now that’s a bonus if I ever saw one. Be sure to tell your friends young and old about it, because you’ll not get any better home for the money.

Late this afternoon one of my dear clients stopped by to say “Hey”, and while visiting we ended up on the subject of mean-spirited, spiteful, and downright nasty individuals who think they can say or do anything they want and not suffer the consequences.

When telling her that I nearly always just send all those nasties people have do to me, out to Karma and leave her to deal with them, but interrupting me by saying, “Now Joe, don’t you know you’ve got to be a little more proactive about it, and that being you have to go out and find a charming little bucket and then paint on the side of it, “Curse Bucket”, and whenever someone’s done something really bad to you or another you care about, you write that person’s name on a piece of paper, fold it, and throw it in your bucket, which will more easily catch the eye of Karma. So if you do as I say, you’ll find those scores getting more readily settled.”

I then went on to say, “I really don’t like cursing people.”, and with a smiling wink she said, “I don’t either. Just remember you’re not cursing the person, but rather the injury that person committed. Make sense?” After moment’s thought, I understood the concept.

Tonight’s one-liner is: Let your enemies be disarmed by the gentleness of your manner, but at the same time, let them feel the steadiness of your resentment.

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