Foster Derision

Another scorcher came and went, and it looks like we’re going to have repeat days the entire week. Since we haven’t had any rain coupled with these high temps, people are going to be out watering their flowerbeds and gardens, just to keep them from being stressed. If these climate changes continue, I won’t be surprised if more gardeners are going to start having underground cisterns installed to hold rain water just so they won’t be having monster water bills from quenching the thirsts of their gardens.

I think I mentioned before that it’s becoming more popular out West with new home construction where they bury cisterns near their foundations, and all the rain gutters being emptied into them. One of my relatives in California had one installed, and from what I was told, it was serving its purpose quite well. I should investigate them a little more, because I’m curious what type of pumping and filtering systems they use. I’m sure a submersible sump pump would work for pumping it out, but that would have to be watched more closely. There’s also the “drip” system which is ever-popular, but again, there’d have to be some sort of water pressure control. Yes, that’ll have to be something worth reading about in the future.

Most of my morning was spent on accounting and paying the numerous bills that had come in these recent days. It oft times seems like a person gets everything wrapped up for a month, and the next thing you know, we’re back at it again. I know all the many are into automatic bill-paying, but I’m just not yet ready for that, because I’ve caught enough mistakes in billing over the years, and that would just make for more problems with getting monies re-reimbursed.

While driving to an appointment in our City today, I couldn’t help noticing a sign on a piece of property that’s being offered for sale by the trust department one of our area banks. It happens to be a parcel that I’d inquired on several years ago, and after investigating when I returned to my office, I found that the owner had recently passed.

What nearly always causes me to bristle, is wondering how some so-called “professionals” can cross over into another’s expertise and think they’re just as good or better. On the sign it read that they’ll be taking offers up thru July 29th. Hmm…it sounds almost like a quiet auction doesn’t it? I’m sure if I confronted that particular trust officer, I’d be hearing some very lame excuses as to why it wasn’t listed with a Realtor. Now please don’t think I’m stinging over it not having been listed with me because I’d be the last person that trust officer would use, and to this day, I still don’t understand what I ever did or didn’t do to have that person speak ill of me.

Most don’t remember that this is not a city, but rather a bloated village where words do get back to injured parties, and confirmed once again when I heard a client of mine tell me that a particular trust officer was told that I was going to be the one listing their home, and that officer then commenting, “I think you could do better than that.” Oh when my client told me that some months after we had the house sold, I internally seethed. From then on, I knew exactly where I stood, and that was just fine by me.

Unfortunately, we continue living in times where deep-seated jealousies continue to foster derision, and when someone mentioned several weeks ago that the reason I’ve been targeted in the past, is because of jealousy. After he finished, I took a deep breath and exclaimed, “Why in the world would anyone want to be jealous of me, because I could think of a thousand others more worthy of jealousy than myself.” After I said that, I went on to say that many-a-time I heard my dear mother saying how much she despised liars and jealous people. Oh how well she understood those deep-seated flaws of character which can turn families, friendships, and communities into battlefields. Oh well, it’s their problem and thank goodness, not mine.

Speaking of lying, one of the byproducts of this “all about me” mentality, is the bald-faced lying which I find growing even worse. It’s no wonder professionals are saving all their text messages, emails, and written documents, just so to prove what is the truth. Oh how I’ve heard the stories of late coming out of the mouths of exiting homeowners and tenants, and no longer wondering why our transaction files have grown all the thicker over the years because of the necessary record keepings which do come in handy from time to time when someone’s looking for a clarification. Just today, I had to pull a file and email a copy of something that was emailed to me weeks ago, which proved the error was on the part of the sender.

We’ve been getting more showings on several of my recently reduced properties, which hopefully means we’ll be getting them sold. It was a little more quiet for a Monday regarding buyer calls, but I did get several asking about “rent to own” houses. In all these years of selling real estate, I still don’t know where people are coming up with such ideas. Never, and I mean never have I been involved in a “rent to own” transaction. Unless someone can prove me wrong, you either buy a home or rent it. The end.

I heard today that there’s a handful of savvy investors who’re pulling their skirts in and refusing to purchase any homes to either rent or flip, which is sort of upside-down in thinking when seeing how the general public is in a real estate feeding frenzy. The only thing I can come up with, is that people are wanting something to hold onto which they can call their own. I get it, but what I don’t understand, is the willingness to jump so high in price. When the end of the year comes and looking at our City’s sales statistics, you can bet I’ll be having a few jaw-drops.

Tonight’s one-liner is: Young men are apt to think themselves wise enough, as drunken men are apt to think themselves sober enough.

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