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Another beautiful June day arrived in all its glory with the sun shining, flowers blooming, and birds singing. When I stopped to check on a vacant home very early this morning, there was a cardinal cheerfully chirping away in a nearby bush. Every time I see one of them, I’m reminded of how fortunate we are to have such wildlife and natural beauties right outside our back doors. Just think of how little natural wonders most people living in metro areas have to survive on, while too many of us in North Iowa, take it all for granted.

There were more files to be worked on this morning, but by the time noon arrived, I pretty much had everything under control. I’m not complaining one bit about the sudden surge in business, because the first three months of this year were terrible, so now I’m doing everything I can to play catch-up. Another one of my listings went under contract today, and all the happier for it, because I have a “feeling”, the couple that purchased it, are going to be there for a very long time. I reminded them that one of the previous owners raised their family in that home, and as chance would have it, one of the grown children of its owners who now lives in the St. Louis area, actually stopped by an open house I was hosting on it, just so to have his heartfelt walk down memory lane. After having a good chat with that young man and his fiancee, I’d say that home has some good character building energy floating around. Such a delightful young couple they were.

Please don’t forget about my double-header public open houses tomorrow morning and afternoon which are located at 114 – 11th St. NE, and 818 N. Pennsylvania. Now that our market is on fire, it’s time for the two of them to go under contract. Personally, I wish I could snap my fingers like a wizard, and have 114 – 11th St. NE plopped down on some wooded building site in the countryside where it would be the talk of the district, because due to its height, drivers could see it from a very great distance away.

818 N. Pennsylvania has far more room inside than appears from the curbside, and offering plenty of living area on all three levels. Because the home sits high on its foundation, there’s all the more headroom in the basement for added living area. When taking a closer look, you’ll find all the big-ticket items have been done including roof, windows, siding, concrete, furnace and air, thermal windows, and more. Any given buyer would have no worries over having to make any updates for years.

I just heard this morning that an acreage I had an offer on earlier this week which didn’t happen, had multiple offers on it, and now under contract. Like I’ve mentioned before, there are all the more people who have no clue how much more work there is to keep an acreage up, yet pulling their triggers on just about anything that hits the market. Of course living in the country has its advantages, but also draw-backs. I have to laugh to myself when hearing newbies to the country suddenly realizing that they have to always think ahead, because forgetting something from a groceteria, drug store, or even our local Walmart, calls for another long trip back to town and an evening half-shot from the extra driving.

I took several hours off around mid-afternoon, just so I could get some much needed chores done which I normally do on Saturday morning, but since I’m having a morning open house, I figured I’d best get them out of the way this afternoon. My first job was to mow the grass at the back of my office which hadn’t been clipped for over two weeks and certainly looking pretty scruffy. Unfortunately, the other owners in my block aren’t keeping the weeds cut at the backs of their buildings, which makes for bad appearances.
For a number of years, I used to keep their weeds cut down, but then realized my little freebies went thanklessly un-noticed.

After looking high and low, I finally found my trusty hand scythe which had become my favorite because of the way it was made, along with how easily I can keep it sharpened. I shake my head at people using those noisy weed whackers to do trimming a scythe like mine is capable of doing. Of course my biggest gripe, is watching people using leaf blowers to blow grass clippings and dirt off their sidewalks. Whatever happened to using brooms? It’s no wonder our younger generation is growing all the more stout, and likely because of little or no physical activities.

I ran into the wife of a dear old acquaintance of mine at a convenience store today. We had a really good chat about their recent retirements. They’ve lived on a hobby farm for a number of years, and since I don’t see them very often, I make sure to get loaded up with recent happenings.

The biggest surprise I had, was hearing they’re now raising another breed of cattle, and the second herd is of the Scottish Highlander breed. She said her husband has been babying them like children to the point he’s even mixing up “salads” for them. Too funny!

As chance would have it, not too many months ago, I actually viewed a herd being raised in Northeast Iowa. I’ll have to look them up when I have time, just so to see if there are added nutritional benefits, or more tasty meat like the Kobe beef that’s supposed to be the “cadillac” of beef. His wife did tell me that the Scottish Highlander breed is the one Queen Elizabeth II has at her summer retreat in Scotland. When I got a good look at them those months ago, they sure are big horned and hairy little buggers.

Tonight’s one-liner is: If we open a quarrel between past and present, we shall find that we have lost the future.

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