Revisiting 721 N. Delaware

I’m hoping you all had a delightful Sunday, and likely even more so if you were spending much of your day outdoors. I think we’re going to be needing some rain soon because it’s starting to get pretty dry, and now that the farmers most likely have all their corn planted, some long hours of light rain would do wonders for its germination. Oh by the way, the old farmers used to call them the “million dollar rains”.

After finding a quiet corner, I spent about a half hour nurturing my spirituality. Not that I’m trying to religiously sway any person one way or another, but highly recommending everyone on a regular basis, to set some time aside in solitude where there are absolutely no audio or visual distractions, because that’s when we can get ourselves slowed down enough to where we our focusing on getting our spiritual heads screwed back on straight becomes easier.

An exceptionally intelligent and highly regarded person in our community once said that for years, he’d go over to his church during the week day where he’d be able to sit quietly and reflect, and even admitted that sometimes while he was quietly praying, the answers to un-resolved problems he’d been having, would come to him. Now that was certainly a testimonial regarding the benefits of solitary prayer.

I think I mentioned this before, but I think it’s appropriate when saying that some years ago while I was up in the choir loft of a church, and preparing for the playing of its organ, one of the singers looked down and mentioned how sad it was to see old women and men seated alone in pews at a distance from each other. After listening to her talk about lonely widows and widowers, I turned to her and said, “I see something much different, because I’m quite certain they’re enjoying their quiet time of prayer in this dimly-lit church.” Because I was there nearly every Sunday, it was usually the same small crowd who’d arrive about a half hour early, just so they could have their own personal time of prayer.

Pretty much the bulk of my day was working on personal chores which usually have to wait until I have a free day, and Sunday’s normally being my best bet. I was happily cranking along for about four hours until I finally had today’s “to do’s” crossed off my list. Since there was some extra driving involved, I just happened to count eight magnolia trees in bloom, and one of them was the color similar to a deep fuchsia pink, and so taken by it, I stopped and took a photo which I’ll share in the coming days.

The bulk of my afternoon was spent taking care of client chores which ranged from installing two new basement storm windows, delivering a new carbon monoxide detector to a tenant, and then going out to inspect a home I have listed and take new photos of it to post online.

Unfortunately the lockbox on the front door wasn’t working properly, so I had to go back to my office and place a trouble call to the company. I absolutely hate dealing with call centers because they seem to work hard at getting you off the phone as quickly as possible, and like today, the young guy on the phone didn’t fully understand the problem I was having. I was beginning to get a little angry with him for not listening, so I finally said I’d call his company back from my cell phone after I got back over to that house and had that lockbox in front of me. Thank goodness the woman that answered knew what the problem was, so after about five minutes, I was finally able to get that box open and thru the front door of that home.

I spent about a half hour taking new photos of 721 N. Delaware, and today’s should do the trick in getting that under contract. The main reason I was revisiting 721 N. Delaware, is because the sellers have completely moved out, and just recently, had new kitchen cabinets and countertops installed. That kitchen looks 100% better now, and with their being such a terrible shortage of homes in our under $70K price range, it should now be getting some strong interest. Be sure to take a look at all my new photos, and freely share with your friends and relatives.

After realizing I was in need of some supplies, I made a quick trip out to Menard’s. Oh what a madhouse, and you can bet there were very few customers who were keeping their 6ft social distancing in place. What a joke! Not but a half hour later, I was seeing all the many shoppers milling around in those temporary greenhouses, and couldn’t help wondering why they’d suddenly forgotten the number of new China-virus cases continuing to climb in our State on a daily basis. I’m still exceptionally disappointed in our Governor for not firmly encouraging our State’s residents to stay put in their own Counties. I’m bracing myself for a major outbreak in North Iowa, and you can be sure if that does happen, that virus would’ve been transmitted by either someone from an infected areas visiting our “shores”, or one of our residents innocently carrying it back from a joy-ride shopping trip to one of those hotspots. There are still far too many young ones who believe they’re invincible, and still not realizing they could be placing the lives of those they love most in great danger. When will they learn?

Tomorrow is going to be a busy day for me, and hopefully all will go as planned. I have to make a quick trip to the landfill in the morning, and hopefully I’ll be there right before they open. We’ll see how busy they are because I’ve noticed quite a few people out cleaning up their yards and getting rid of un-necessary stuff they’ve accumulated in their garages and storage sheds.

Tonight’s one-liner is: Eventually, all things merge into one, and a river runs thru it.

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