A Quiet Easter

Just about every way I looked at it, this was a quiet Easter Sunday that’ll be sent to my long-term memory, and certainly referred back to in the future. There were no church Service to attend, no Easter gathering to enjoy, along with this afternoon’s weather not being fit for man nor beast. I was expecting either rain or snow, but not sleet, and just what little I traveled in it, caused me to be thankful for making it home without being blown off the road by those strong gusts of wind.

I did plan on working on a project well into the afternoon, but when seeing how quickly the weather was turning nasty, I finished up what I’d started, and headed homeward.
Since I’d not been out to Walmart in many weeks, I figured I’d stop out there and pick up a few things for my evening meal. While walking across their parking lot, I felt like a greased pig on ice due to the wind blowing so hard. Thank goodness I found what I needed, and made it back to my car without being carried off in the wind like an empty plastic bag.

Since I knew there’d be no church Services today, I spent about a half hour in a quiet and darkened place with one candle lit, just so I could personally attend to my own spiritual needs. It seems the more I spend my spiritual time alone, the more I’m comforted by it, and whenever the doors of our area churches are finally open for their Services, I’ll likely be looking for more contemplative settings where there won’t be all the usual distractions. I truly enjoy being around people, but there are times when we all need to be alone in quiet places where we can more easily perform our soul-cleansings. Yes, everyone has their own way of getting in touch with their “higher powers”, but for me, I’d rather not be overly-distracted by extra lighting, excessive music, and over-done rituals. But, that’s just me, and I’ll leave everyone else to their own spiritual journeys.

After working so hard in the yard yesterday, I certainly had a few more aches and pains when I got out of bed this morning, but it was to be expected when knowing I’m not twenty anymore. It may have been a good thing today’s project was cut short, because I wasn’t fully recovered from yesterday’s workout.

The bulk of my afternoon was pretty much spent putzing around my home with little domestic chores, and certainly not a bad thing, because I know in the coming weeks, I’ll be continuing to focus on my real estate job, and any free time I have, will be directed to my outdoor projects, and as we all know, our winters are long, and our summers too short, and certainly reminded of that with today’s weather.

I’m wondering if that old myth will hold true regarding rain on Easter Sunday, and from the time I was just a tyke, I remember the old ones saying that if it rained on Easter Sunday, we’d have rain for the following seven sundays. Believe it or not, many years ago when it rained on Easter Sunday, I counted the following Sundays, and sure enough, we had seven Sundays of rain. Ever since then, I didn’t bother to watch and see if there was a repeat whenever we had rain on Easter in the following years.

After reviewing my current office listings, there are some good buys to be had for those in seek of homes, and even for those who’re the most discriminative of shoppers.

114 – 11th St. NE, is an extra roomy four-square 3+ bedroom that’s as solid as a rock, but in need of some cosmetics. It’s in a great neighborhood and value priced, so take a closer look.

818 N. Pennsylvania is also one heck of a good buy considering all of its recent updates. A person has got to walk thru it to get a true picture of its over-all size. Believe me, it’s much roomier than it appears from street-side.

Looking for small town living at its best? 305 W. North Street in Manly is one heck of a family home for the money. Every time I show it, I see a young family in my mind’s eye, making heartfelt memories within, that are lifetime lasting. There’s certainly more bang for the buck with this home, so take the initiative and call me for a showing.

If you’re looking to give away your lawnmower and throw away your shovel, 12 S. Willowgreen Court is the townhouse you’ve been dreaming about. As we grow older, our needs and wants change, so don’t wait until it’s too late to enjoy your golden years. Just envision yourself seated out back at the pool-side with your feet dangling in the warm water while enjoying a good read. Check it out.

I have two homes listed in the “Crescent of Culture”, and both of them deserve a thumb’s up. 415 – 1st St. SE and 115 S. Connecticut are both Folk Victorian homes that have fully updated mechanicals, but still in possession of their turn-of-the-century charm. From the windows of each, breath-taking views of Willow Creek are a daily occurrence, along with both of them being within walking distance of our library and museum. I’d take either one in a heartbeat over a flimsy new construction that’s a cheap build filled with synthetic materials. Let’s get back to the basics with these built-to-last homes.

When talking about poor perceptions from “drive-by’s”, 1 Briarstone Court is a classic because that home is eye-popping larger in size when walking thru it. If you’ve been thinking about having a new home of its caliber built today, you’d spend well over $100K more than what you can buy it for now. Anyone looking for extra space and everything all on one floor, 1 Briarstone Court is definitely at the top of my value list.

Tonight’s one-liner is: The trouble with most people, is that they think with their hopes, fears, or wishes, rather than with their minds.

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