Reeling Forward

Someday soon, this snow is all going to melt away, and in its place, there’ll be fresh green grass and smiling blossoms, but until then, we must trod along and remain diligent with keeping ourselves warm and healthy so we’ll be all the more readied for another go at enjoying every waking hour of North Iowa’s more pleasant of seasons.

Today’s shoveling was very difficult because of the amount of foot traffic that had been created in front of my office during the night. It actually took me about three times longer to get it cleared off, and after the sun came around, I was back out and loosened up all that packed snow that had turned to ice. Yes, I am a bit of a fanatic about keeping my office’s front sidewalk clean, but that’s the way it should be with everyone.

Most of my morning was spent on property research, and not to my surprise, I was finding home values all over map, and so much so, I was wondering if there are any standard valuation formulas remaining. When visiting with a colleague, we came to the conclusion that it’s the “tricked-out” homes that most buyers are willing to pay higher dollars for, and after our conversation, I went back over some of this past year’s sales just to confirm my suspicions. I later discovered that in the price range I’ve been seeing the most spiking, I found a definite pattern being established because some of them were homes I’d personally viewed, and believing at the time, of the “lipsticked pig” variety, which later brought far more than I ever would’ve expected. In the end, they helped to drive up our market prices even more.

There’s no question I’d personally pay far less for something in need of a little tender-loving-care, and in turn, start creating my own sweat equity instead of paying thousands more for something another had so weakly updated. We must always remember that as long as a home has good bones, and updated mechanicals, most everything else is cosmetic.

One of my dear ones called today to tell me about how hard she’s been looking for a part time job, but nobody seems to want to hire her, and now convinced it’s because of her age. Being of the age between 65 and 70, is not what I’d consider unemployable. She was quite disappointed by it, but I assured her it’s their loss, and not hers.

I did share with her several points from an article I read recently which spoke about how more of our Nation’s customer-oriented companies are hiring those in their 60’s and 70’s because they’ve found that they’re more customer friendly, far more loyal, and have much broader understandings of their customers needs and wants. They’ve also found that too many of their younger workers had become so specific in their career abilities, that they’d missed many of the nuances of doing a good job in their professions. She felt much better after I shared that article’s information with her, and before I hung up the phone, I said, “Don’t you ever forget that I still remember how well you did your job when I was a customer of yours over 30+ years ago.”

We finally got to the closing table on home that should’ve been closed at the end of January, but there were too many hurdles needing to be jumped. At least it’s closed and everyone’s happy. I can’t wait to see what that home is going to look like in six months because I know how well the buyers work at bringing aging homes back to life. Each time I was in that home, I had a very good “feeling” about it. I can’t exactly say what it was, but perhaps describing it as having a comfortable “feel” whenever within, being the best I can do when describing it. That home must’ve had some good health benefits for its previous owner, because he lived there up until he was in his mid-90’s. My real shocker, was discovering that he was actually born in that home back in 1918.

After I returned to my office, I dug myself back into my research project, and hopefully I’ll have everything I need for a new client by the end of this week. I’m hoping she’ll be impressed with my presentation to where she’ll ask me to list her home before our Spring market arrives.

Since I had a little free time before I closed up shop, I grabbed one of the tree catalogs I received in the mail and began paging thru it. It’s surprising how many varieties of maples there are on today’s market, and many of them ones hailing from Asia. Too many years ago, I was shown a Japanese Maple and quite surprised at how different it was from our “natives”. Reeling forward to the present, and without counting, I’d say there were at least 20 varieties being offered that were originally from China and Japan. Oh how globalization has made inroads when finding it has even permeated horticulture.

Upon hearing this Saturday’s weather is to be warm and sunny, I decided to host a public open house at 12 S. Willowgreen Court that afternoon from 1:00 – 3:00 pm. I was expecting that lovely townhouse to have been sold quickly, but as most of us Realtors know, condos and townhouses don’t sell the best during our winter months, because their target buyers are usually elderly and likely enjoying their winters in the South. Hopefully I’ll catch one of the “snow birds” on an early return.

Tonight’s one-liner is: When your higher self is present, it always promotes peace.

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