The Hypersane

I was pleasantly shocked when seeing it nearly 50 degrees in the Downtown this afternoon. Once again, I found myself performing little outdoor chores just so to absorb all the more essence of this beautiful day. I even took time to drive in one big circle of our City after my noon appointment, but a little shocked when noticing so few people out enjoy the weather. Oh well, they must’ve been focusing more on getting their homes readied for Tuesday and Wednesday of this week.

While showing a home today, which happened to have a great amount of natural oak woodwork and floors, the young buyers were noticeably smitten by its beauty, which once again confirmed my belief that all the more in our younger crowd are developing a greater appreciation for the enduring beauty natural wood has to offer. I smiled to myself when thinking how they would go all the more bonkers if I had the opportunity to show them several vintage “hidden” beauties we have in our City. I learned long ago that you can’t judge a book by its cover when considering what type of floor plan and natural woodwork an older home offers within.

Now if you’d take a drive past the home I have listed at 114 – 11th St. NE, you’d think it didn’t posses any sort of grandness within, but if you should have an opportunity to walk thru it, your perceptions of it would be radically altered.

Decades ago, I sold that home to the owners who’re now deceased, and I know for a fact that over the years, the wife spent hundreds of hours stripping all the oak woodwork, doors, and built-ins, and when looking at it now, you’d swear it had never been painted. That’s how meticulous she was with her daunting job of stripping all that wicked paint.

The staircase in that home is one of the best built I’ve seen in some time, and whomever happens to purchase that classic, is going to have some cosmetic updates to do, but when finished, it’ll be another “Oak Park” architectural masterpiece. I absolutely love its 3rd floor which appears to have had a bath in one of its rooms. I suspect there was, because it’s directly above the 2nd floor bathroom. Now that would be an even greater incentive for its new owners to create a monster 3rd floor master bedroom.

The brother of a client of mine mentioned something several days ago which I found disturbing when talking about the new “nature trail” that being created on that old railroad track that our City recently purchased. According to him, that “trail” is already being used by our notorious midnight backpackers as their new avenue of choice. It sort of makes sense because it offers a near perfect north/south vein of travel that runs straight thru our City which now offers them all the more discreet drop-off points. If that’s the case, I’m hoping our City fathers are going to be patrolling it often, just so it isn’t loosely considered as our town’s new “drug trail”. I’m going to hope the gentleman telling me his stories regarding the recent happenings on it were more of an exaggeration.

Alas, that sale got put together which we’ve been haggling over for the past two days, and now I’m exceptionally happy for the buyer because I believe it offers about the best fit for her needs going forward. There’s some money to be spent on it, but there’ll be more than enough time to get those necessary updates made once she gets settled in. I’m hoping 2020 is going to be a re-run of a year I had about six years ago where I sold a home on, or very near every major holiday.

Late yesterday, I happened upon an article on the internet which piqued my interest when reading its headline, “The Hypersane Are Among Us, If Only We Are Prepared To Look”, which I think just about anyone would’ve been curious enough about to further investigate.

After reading it, and then thinking about people I’ve encountered over the years, I’d say its author was speaking many truths because the hypersane people I’ve known in the past, were also those who feigned any sort of public limelight. Yes, some of the great minds of the past, were less-noticed than the average, but after death, were nearly always immortalized. Unfortunately, it seems to happen that way because most refuse to slow themselves down, and take the time to seek out those quiet ones who’ve been blessed, as well as cursed with hypersanity. If you have a moment or two, try to look for that article online because I believe it’ll give you something more to ponder over during the Holidays.

Tonight’s one-liner is: Cease to inquire what the future has in store, and take as a gift whatever the day brings forth.

Joe Chodur

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