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I wasn’t the least bit happy when finding it had started raining in the night, and still drizzling as I headed to the office before attending a church Service. I made a quick call to one of my dear friends just to torment him for a moment or two before heading back out again.

It had been at least a month since I darkened that church’s doors, and to my surprise, there weren’t as many people than normally found which I thought a bit odd because they usually have their dyed-in-the-wool weekly regulars.

Being that time of year again, I noticed all the more younger men starting to grow their seasonal scruffy beards, and from what I was seeing, their Minister was even in the first stages of growing one. It’s funny how times have changed because back in the old days, whenever men would make the choice of having a mustache or beard, they worked very hard at keeping them formed and neatly trimmed. That’s definitely not the case in today’s world because they don’t even shave the fronts of their necks which makes some of those hairy buggers look like their chest hairs haven’t a break between their neck and chin hairs. It’s making me wonder if all the more men are trying to be “Duck Dynasty” look-a-likes. Today’s fuzz balls made me think of what my mother would sometimes say whenever her children would want to drag a dog or cat into our home by insisting, “If it’s got more hair on it than I do, it’s not getting in!”

The readings were moving and the sermon was good, but for some reason, I once again found their over-all music weak. Either I’m loosing my ear for pitch or the gentleman who was leading the singing was definitely flat, and to make matters all the worse, the pianist was trying to over-compensate by adding a noticeable number of frilly embellishments which I’ve never considered appropriate for congregational hymns. Oh well, when living out in the “Hinterland”, we must always remember, we get what get and leave it at that.

After the Service was over, I headed out on a few errands before the Sunday traffic started. There’s no doubt we’ll all be glad when those many months of road work is finally finished because there’ve been days I didn’t even want to drive thru those bottlenecks. That was one heck of a big two year project, but those streets are already looking a hundred percent better. Now let’s hope they stay that way for years to come.

With several hours open before my noon listing appointment in Plymouth, I spent nearly the entire time doing extra research on that home as well as preparing all the documents needing signatures. Just as I was finishing up, I noticed the time to leave had arrived so I grabbed my camera and file before heading out.

Most don’t realize how close Plymouth really is to our City, because even though I was driving the speed limit, I got there in 15 minutes from my office in the Historic Downtown. Just think about how long it takes us to get from one side of our City to the other. If caught by red lights, it’s definitely longer. I think what makes Plymouth an easy drive, it that there aren’t all those stop signs and intersection lights to contend with.

The seller was waiting for me when I pulled up, so I walked up and introduced myself. We had a nice chat before proceeding to list the home which is located at 508 Bridge Street. Since I’d been there several months earlier, I was delighted to find they’d done a great deal of clearing out of personal items. I couldn’t have thanked them enough for their extra efforts in getting it prepared for sale.

The home has been in their family for a great number of years which is why I don’t remember it ever being on the market. Without a doubt, it’ll make a good starter home for a growing family because of its over-all size and number of bedrooms. There’s an attached double garage and also an attached workshop that’s heated, and behind the garage there’s another large storage building.

All the big ticket items have been done which include steel siding, newer thermal tilt-in windows, a newer high efficiency furnace with central air, and above all, a main floor laundry room that doubles as a 3/4 bath. There are cosmetic updates that a person would want to make, but the home is worth it because it hasn’t been cobbled-up by various owners over the years. Too often I see “layers” of so-called improvements having been made by multiple previous owners with distinctly different tastes. Those are the ones that take all the longer to restore on a vintage home’s balance.

Believe it or not, we decided to list it at a bargain-basement price of $69,500 which as far as I’m concerned, it’s one heck of a buy for any of our entry-level buyers who’re on tight budgets, and in spite of our moving into our seasonal slow time, I’m of the belief it’ll still sell quickly. And by the way, for all you high-speed internet fans, Plymouth has fiber optic which we don’t have in Mason City’s residential areas. Now that’s a real bonus for our high-tech young buyers. Please get the word out on my new listing in Plymouth at 508 Bridge Street because it’s one steal of a deal.

Tonight’s one-liner is: Those holding fast to jealousies, have little love contained within.

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