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It was another beautiful day in North Iowa, and I hope everyone was enjoying the outdoors to their fullest, because I heard we’re going to be getting a cold snap towards the end of the week and possibly into the weekend. I’ll be shocked if we should have that chance of snow they’re talking about, actually arriving. Yikes! It’s too early for that nasty stuff.

I was somewhat pleased with the amount of work I managed to get accomplished with the sending out of a listing package, finishing all of my office accounting, and then signing up a new listing out at 14 Farmstead Square late this afternoon.

I was hoping some title work was going to get finished up today, but unfortunately it didn’t, so it looks like there’ll be more days of waiting. I’m just happy not being the type of person who leaves things until the last minute. I’ve been noticing how even the more reliable contractors aren’t returning calls and/or getting agreed-to work completed. I haven’t decided if they’re making too much money, or just plain lazy. Considering the hourly rate some of them charge, it’s no wonder they’re driving around in monster tricked-out pickup trucks that look like they should be the lead vehicles in a parade instead of carrying loads of equipment and tools.

I hope you all took the opportunity to read that link I gave you last night on the reasons why the Japanese are exceptionally clean people. Wouldn’t it be like living in another world if everyone in Mason City would be that conscientious about their homes, workplaces, and outdoor surroundings? All the many more un-mowed yards around our City are visible these recent days, and especially some of those smaller patches around our Downtown. The weed grasses are getting so tall, they’re full of seed heads which will bring all the more to life this next year.

While working on my accounting, I was interrupted by one of the residents who lives not far from my office, and about all he did while standing there, was complaining about how bad the North End is getting. I know I may sound a bit wicked, but that section of our City took a fast-track down the tubes when Decker’s, IMC, and Northwestern Cement plants closed. Believe it or not, I can fully remember when nearly all of those homes and businesses up there were occupied by owners who took pride in their end of town, but that’s not the story today.

No matter how much people “think” it’s going to turn around, it will not, until there are more owner-occupants living in that district because most tenants don’t consider themselves connected to the neighborhoods they live in because they know their stays are short-term. On the flip-side, most owner-occupants don’t get all that friendly with tenants for similar reasons. That’s the way it is whenever a neighborhood is top-heavy with rentals.

There’s a district in Cedar Rapids which for years had a number of rental homes in it, but when their flood hit, those homes were leveled, and then some years later, a new neighborhood was created that’s now very popular with the younger crowd. The first time I was there after it was built-out, I thought I was seeing a mirage because of how beautiful it had become. Now that’s progress.

My new listing at 14 Farmstead Square which I have as tonight’s photo, is one heck of a nice home which is priced right, clean as a whistle, and located in a very popular subdivision. It offers a fabulous open floor plan, 3 roomy bedrooms, 1 3/4 baths, and a custom kitchen which would make anyone want to stay home and try their hand at creating classic meals every day of the week.

What I find the most appealing about it, is the privacy it offers with its sliding doors leading out to a privacy-fenced rear yard. I can’t imagine anyone not liking the open concept floor plan which brings in light from both the east and west sides of the home. The owners are leaving all the appliances which is also a bonus. Take a good look at the photos, and if you know someone that’s looking for a home of its caliber, please pass it along.

Tonight’s one-liner is: People have become tools of their tools.

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