A Friend In Need

It was an absolutely beautiful morning with the sun shining and pleasant temps, but as the hours passed and the afternoon arrived, I found it getting a bit too warm for my liking. It sounds like we’ve got another storm coming our way tonight, and let’s hope it’s not going to be one of those with high winds.

The hours seemed to fly by with all the little chores and meetings I had on my plate. It didn’t help when having one of the out-of-town mortgage companies calling me twice with their “reaching out”, just to let me know they’ll be ready to assist me with the loan they’ll be processing for one of my customers.

One of them asked if I’d worked with their company before, and of course I told her I had on occasion. She then asked my over-all opinion of their performance. Of course I couldn’t keep myself from telling her how annoying their duplicity can be when most of the time, I’m usually a half step ahead of the program. I wasn’t being sassy or combative, but only relaying my view of their hovering over things that needn’t be.

Before it started getting busy this morning, I headed over to St. Paul Lutheran and pulled all the sheet music I needed, and then perched myself on their organ bench and ran thru all of them. There were several I hadn’t played before, so I did spend more time on getting those particular ones down pat. When I finally decided to call it quits, without realizing it, I discovered I’d been there for over an hour and a half. I guess I was so focused on getting those pieces learned, that I’d lost all track of time.

Before I left their church, I popped in at their secretary’s office and asked if she thought the music was acceptable. She said it sounded fine, and also mentioned something about my getting better with my playing their vintage pipe organ. I smiled and said, “You know, I think the old gal is finally warming up to me.” I got a good grin out of her from that one. But really, I am getting more comfortable with it, which some day I’ll likely be thanking their community of faith for allowing me to truly familiarize myself with pipe organs like theirs, because the really old ones are nearly nothing like the electronic ones of today.

By the time I got all my morning office chores completed, it was already half past noon, and just as I was ready to poke my head into something else, a dear friend of mine asked if I’d have time to help him get some things loaded onto a trailer so he could take it to the dump. Well, what I thought would take an hour, ended up killing over two hours of my afternoon. I’m not complaining because I know he’d do the same for me, and as we all must remember, “A friend in need, is a friend indeed.” Since there were some pretty heavy things on his truck, he asked if I’d take ride out to the dump with him and help him get it unloaded. Of course I agreed, jumped in, and off we flew.

Upon arrival at the landfill, I got a real eye-opener when seeing those thousands of sea gulls, a big flock of starlings, and about a dozen turkey vultures flying about. Oh, you can’t even imagine the smell that was coming from that mountain of garbage. I walked up to one of their employees who was just climbing down from his Caterpillar and asked, “Do you ever have any waking dreams out here and swearing you’re in the midst of something out of Alfred Hitchcock’s movie “The Birds”? He laughed a little and then replied, “No, not yet, but there may come that day.” Without a question, today’s dump experience was burned into my memory bank forevermore.

I did manage to get the young couple I’ve been working with back in to see the home they’d looked at on Sunday for a better second look. We spent about an hour there, and I think they’re now more comfortable with the whole package. We’ll see what tomorrow brings when and if they call.

My last appointment for the day was to re-list 305 W. North St. in Manly which has been off the market nearly all summer. The owner had a much needed vacation to take, as well as needing time to get some improvements made on her home. I did take a number of new photos, and had a good look at those improvements which I’m sure are going to help with getting it marketed. As we Realtors know, many of today’s buyers really don’t want to have immediate improvements to make after they move into their new homes.

The features of that property which places it above the rest, is the number of bedrooms and baths, a main floor laundry, an attached 2-stall garage, another large building that would make a great workshop, a huge fenced yard, and most of all, it being located on the west end of Manly which is always more popular than the east. The above photo is one of the exterior shots I took today, so if you know anyone looking for a lesser-priced home with all the extras, please pass its information along. And don’t forget about Worth County’s $6,000 grant to graduating high school seniors.

Tonight’s one-liner is: Good listeners are not only popular everywhere, but after awhile, they know something.

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