My morning was earlier than early due to my having to meet a seller at a property out of town, and with it being about a 20 minute drive, I discovered the sun truly is working its way south and shortening our days in the process.  The sun was just starting to come up and was making my driving more difficult because it was shining in my car at such a low angle, my visor wouldn’t block it.

I did manage to make my appointment on time and gave the property a good walk-thru with note pad in hand.  Unfortunately the seller thought I would be able to give him a price right then and there, but I did tell him I’d do some research and get back to him with a ballpark sale price.  No matter what anyone says, establishing a fair market value in a less populated area, can be tricky.

After we visited a little, I headed back to the City, and thankfully the sun was higher and not affecting my visibility.  There happened to be one car that followed me nearly the entire way back to my office which meant someone from out in the hinterland must’ve been on her way to work.  Driving 20 minutes to a half hour, to and from work for five or six days a week is something most get used to, but for sure when the bad winter weather begins, it becomes a daily challenge.

The acreage I just listed at 541 – 250th St. that’s south of Thornton, has been getting a good amount of activity on it already, which is giving me hopes it’ll get sold right away.  When looking at the sold acreages that were posted online today within our MLS, I’d say it’s priced well within its range.  There’s another showing on it tonight and this is only the second day of being listed.

Towards noontime, I met a locksmith over at the building I’ve been waiting for the keys to be returned, and after visiting with the owner, I was given instructions to get a locksmith over there to unlock and re-key it.  I did take my camera with me so I could take as many photos as possible and forward on to the seller.  Hopefully I’ll have it listed very soon and get it sold right off the bat because it’s going to be priced to sell which should make it all the more attractive to investors.

We did manage to get another Prairie Place on 1st unit sold today, and in about two weeks, there’ll be another couple moving there from the Des Moines metro area.  I’m really hoping the word is getting out about how much more inexpensive condominium housing like Prairie Place is compared to in places like the Twin Cities and Des Moines.

What cuts out a number of buyers, is the fact that when you purchase a condo in Prairie Place on 1st, you have to pay cash because mortgages are not allowed, but on the up-side, the monthly costs are so low, that people with limited monthly incomes are still able to afford living there.  I always smile to myself when remembering what a dear one living there said to a prospective buyer which was, “People have told me they couldn’t afford to live here, but I tell them that if I can afford to live here, they can too.”  Like I said, if you have the cash to buy one, the monthly expenses are pennies compared to what those people are shelling out at the Village Coop.  I still can’t believe how they can justify paying so much.  They certainly mustn’t have a problem burning thru their cash reserves.

As chance would have it, we did manage to get my “problem child” sale file closed today, and you can be sure all parties involved are shaking their heads in dis-belief it happened.  Since it was part of an estate, the executor can move all the more forward now that yet another door is closed.  I’ve done a great deal of business with the executor’s family, and I’m pretty confident they’ll continue to use my services in the future.

My last appointment of the day was to show 908 N. Pennsylvania to a buyer whom I’ve known for a number of years, who was looking at it for one of her family members.  We were there long enough to where I believe there’s some solid interest, and I’ll be tickled pink if she does buy it because that’ll mean it didn’t end up being added to the inventory of a rental baron.

Someone from far out and away from the Midwest used a word several days ago that I’d never heard before, so silly me had to ask that it be repeated.  The word was “funkwit”.  When thinking about it, it’s happens to be a combination of two words.  The word funk usually means depressed or being down, and wit of course means intelligent or sharp of mind, so when combining the two, we’re left with the thought of someone being of depressed intelligence.  The sentence in which that word was being used, most certainly fit when referring to a person that didn’t have it all together.  While writing this, I can already think of a handful of people I could freely refer to as funkwits.

Tonight’s one-liner is:   Candor is proof of both a just frame of mind, and a good tone of breeding which is a quality that belongs equally to the honest man and to the gentleman.

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