The Lady Bug at 1714 – 7th Ave. North, Clear Lake

Since I didn’t attend a church Service yesterday afternoon due to the scheduled showings I had after my public open house, I got up and out soon enough to where I managed to make it to an early Service this morning.  As I was walking towards the front steps, I noticed someone standing by the door who I really wasn’t in the mood to chat with so early.  Knowing there was another entrance, I walked around and slipped in their side door.

It’s not that I have anything personally against him, but rather that everything he says is so flowery fake to where he’s like looking at a beautiful bouquet of artificial flowers, and when reaching out to touch or smell them, they’re found to be plastique and odorless.  He’s also the type who’s always looking for an opinion, but when you give yours, he trumps the entire conversation with his canned responses which are to be considered gospel because he “thinks” he’s a man of letters.  Oh well, thank goodness I didn’t get button-holed by him this morning, and all the more certain he found more than enough people to engage while standing out there.

The Service went well with the exception of their sound system being turned up too loud to where whenever their female leader of song would sing higher notes, it felt like my ears were being given audio jabs.  I’m not so sure if it’s me, or if all the many more public singers are developing problems with staying on pitch because I noticed it again this morning.

Not that I’m proud or appearing to be a braggart, I must share with all of you that there have been three Prairie Place on 1st units sold in less than a week.  Yeah!  There are now only seven units remaining to be sold.  Now if this week is going to be like last, we’ll be down to four.  I do believe the word is finally getting out, and now that the weather has become pleasant, there appears to be many of our seniors looking at making housing changes.

I know there are many Realtors who don’t like working with the elderly because they take longer to make up their minds and normally ask all the many more questions, but truthfully, I find them absolutely delightful to work with because of how much more they appreciate someone taking the extra time to work with them.

About a week ago I mentioned to someone how much a certain woman I spent many hours with by showing her homes, and several of them multiple times, and in the end, she got testy with me because I wouldn’t “make” a certain seller take her offer which she believed was more than fair.  The angering part was where she didn’t even have the decency to return my multiple phone calls, but then months later finding she’d purchased something from another Realtor.

Without any thoughts of negative wishing, I can almost guarantee she’ll be out looking for something within a year or two, because I’m certain she’s now discovered some of the negative downsides of her home which most Realtors wouldn’t have bothered mentioning.  Oh well, she had her opportunity to pay a little more for something all the better.

Most of my day was spent working outdoors since it was such a beautiful day.  I’ll be relieved when those utility companies are finished with all the digging they’ve been doing up and down Commercial Alley.  It’s beginning to get rather annoying now that Spring has arrived and those many potholes appearing.  We’ll see what end product Alliant Energy’s plans will look like when they’re finished.  For the strangest reason, I still think Alliant Energy is prepping itself for a sale or merger with another utility company.

I want everyone to know that I just re-listed The Lady Bug restaurant in Clear Lake and being bargain-basement priced at $225,000.  Please do what you can to re-post its details to all your friends and relatives because I know there’s someone out there who’ll be a perfect fit.  The owner is selling the real estate, the buildings, and her exceptionally successful business which is located at 1714 – 7th Ave. North in Clear Lake Iowa.  Just a reminder, it’s very close to all of Clear Lake’s commercial action just off Hwy 122 and Interstate 35.  What a great opportunity to step into an up-and-running money maker!

One of my dear ones called today to say how frustrated she’s getting with some relatives of hers that have been with her for over a week.  It sounds like it’s been quite the upset for her since she’s not used to having long-lingering guests.  I did manage to get a laugh out of her when saying, “My Grandmother always compared guests and fish to where after three days, they all begin to stink.”  I think as people get older, they don’t like having their lives turned up-side down for weeks on end while always having the smell of fish in the air.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  Every person above the ordinary has a certain mission which they’re called to fulfill.

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1714 – 7th Ave. North Clear Lake
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