A Perfect Place to Begin

I was glad to find it a good day for being out and about since the wind wasn’t blowing, which made it all the more delightful to be longer out on my morning errands.  Of course when I arrived back at my office, there were a number of phone calls needing to be returned.

As I mentioned last night, I’ll never for the life of me understand how and why some get their jollies out of being overly-dramatic, yet very faux victims.  I personally know several who’ve created the most pathetic lives for themselves, and so much so, that they have to spread their poison in every direction in attempts to pull everyone else down to their levels.

It’s actually shocking sometimes when discovering lurking evils in the minds of those outwardly appearing to be ever-so sugary, spicy, and everything nice, but when slighted in the least, their war flags get hoisted, cannons loaded, and firing at broadsides.

Around noontime, I received a call from an agent informing me that there’ll be an offer coming in on one of my listings later today.  It’ll tickle me pink if we can get that home sold this week. If that happens, I’ll admit this fortnight to have been a very productive one.  I’m of the opinion that as our days grow warmer and longer, our buyers are becoming more serious.

I did manage to get the home I spoke about yesterday listed this afternoon, and it looks all the better since I was there last. It happens to be located at 402 – 21st St. SE here in Mason City. Now if there’s anyone looking for a move-in condition home priced under $70K, that one fits the bill.  There’s absolutely nothing needed to be done on it because the owners have taken care of everything.

Even though I have it listed as a two bedroom, the walk-up attic could easily be converted into a third bedroom.  Whomever built that home, made sure the upstairs was constructed in a fashion that it could be inexpensively finished out.  It’s quite evident the stairway leading up there was constructed for everyday use.

There’s no garage on the property, but more than enough yard space to construct a monster three stall garage.  The neighbor on one side has created a beautiful homesite which will always help to pull up the value of homes surrounding it.

What I like the most about this home, is it being located close to the Georgia Hanford McNeider Park which is only a block away.  There are a number of people who walk those paths for their daily exercise, along with enjoying the beauty of Mason Creek as it meanders thru the park.  For some reason, most of our residents haven’t spent any time thoroughly investigating it because it’s indeed much larger than it appears.

I’ve decided to have a public open house at 402 – 21st St. SE this coming Saturday from 1:00 – 3:00 PM, and in spite of it being Mother’s Day weekend, I’ll remain hopeful that there’ll be some good traffic thru it.  Without a doubt, it’s a perfect place to begin for a young couple who’s ready to plant roots and grow a family.

I couldn’t help but share an old saying with one of my dear clients today that was honestly passed down from one of my old relatives which I’m using as tonight’s one-liner.  If only I’d kept a note pad with me whenever hearing one, because they’d keep all of you in stitches while reading them.  Once in a while I do remember another one, so perhaps I’ll have the bulk of them under my cranial belt after all.  I will continue to bless and thank those that’ve passed before me, for all the wisdom they so freely and generously shared with me during our years together.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  Tit for tat, butter for fat, you kill my dog, and I’ll kill your cat.

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