Out of that Storm’s Path

It was quite the whirlwind day, and I dare say I was out of my office more than in to the point where I don’t think the engine of my vehicle ever had time to cool off.  Of course the first thing I had to do was get that light snow swept off the sidewalk in front of my office.  When finished and looking up and down the block, my freshly broomed pavers looked very much out of place compared to the others.  Thank goodness I have an old stiff-bristled shop broom that works exceptionally well.  I doubt if a person can even buy those now since nearly everything new on the market is all weak plastique.

I also had a few other stops to make with my sidewalk chores, and did manage to get them cleared before it got packed down by foot traffic.  While out, I stopped to see how a client is doing on his project house.  From the looks of it, I’d say it’s definitely getting closer to being finished.  I asked today if he’s planning on moving into it or if still sticking with his initial plan of selling.  Since he’s put so many hours in it and looking far better than he’d expected, he turned to me and said, “I’m not sure what I’m going to do now because the closer I’m coming to its end, the more I’m liking it.”  My only encouragement was for him to do what he thinks best because there’ve been times when people have sold something they’ve put their blood, sweat and tears in, then after they sell, they’re wishing they hadn’t.

Among my out-of-office appointments was to show 807 – 5th St. SE two different times to the same buyer.  As I mentioned, there’ve already been showings on it by other Realtors, but the ones I’ve had seem more interested.  Since I’m very familiar with that neighborhood, as well as the mid-century style and construction methods used, I’m able to be more helpful with questions and answers.  I did mention to one of the buyers that if I didn’t have my plate full, I’d purchase it myself as a winter project.

During today’s second showing, I made sure to point out its herringbone sub-flooring which makes its floors all the stronger.  There’s no question the home needs up-grading, but at least it has good bones to work with.

Late this afternoon I just happened to run into a gentleman who was a friend of mine many years ago.  If he hadn’t waved me down, I would’ve driven right on past due to my not getting a good look at his face.  We had a nice chat about our families and the happenings in each other’s lives, but as I drove off I continued thinking about how many years it’s been since we’ve actually spoken because the few times I’ve seen him out and about, we’ve both been moving in opposite directions.

That chance meeting with him was just another confirmation of how easily friendships can drift apart to where days become weeks, weeks become months, months turn into years, and years end up being decades.  As far as I’m concerned, friendships must always be based on a mutual willingness to stay in touch, freely give and take criticism, and above all, to accept and respect each another’s opinions and beliefs.  Any time relationships are based on one person’s overall views on life, you have nothing more than a one person band and a lone cheering section which in the end erodes the sense of self with the cheerer.  As with marriages, friendships either grow together or grow apart, so I guess it goes back to that old German saying being, “If you have one true friend in this world, you will die a very rich person.”

I’d originally planned on having an open house at 807 – 5th St. SE this Saturday, but decided to cancel it due to the change in our weather forecast for tomorrow and Saturday. It’s amazing how quickly the number of inches of snow we’re to get has changed for the worse.  If they’re correct, be ready for some serious shoveling and be sure to stay out of that storm’s path.

While driving out on the east side of our City, I couldn’t help but notice someone had cut down a healthy looking red oak tree.  For some reason that owner must’ve decided it was in the way of something she’s planning, or possibly tired of picking and raking acorns.  Whatever the reason, I’ll miss seeing those brown leaves holding fast to its branches well into winter.  You can usually tell the difference between red oak and white by just that fact.  White and Burr oak trees drop their leaves like all the other trees, but Red and Pin oaks hold onto them for months longer.

When preparing to enter the following line, I realized why people sometimes consider me a bit cynical, and likely due to my overly high aspirations and expectations of humanity.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  Inside every cynical person, there’s a disappointed idealist.

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