Temporal Exhaustion

At least it was ten degrees warmer this morning than it was yesterday which was a positive thing.  Most of us have already forgotten how nearly every winter when it’s very cold and all the drier indoors due to our furnaces running all the more, our fingertips start getting those deep cracks in them that sometimes bleed along with being very painful.  I’ve been fortunate so far this winter in not having any of them appear which is one more confirmation that it’s been an unusually warm winter thus far.

I had an early listing appointment today with a gentleman whom I sold it to a number of years ago.  His reason for selling was now that he’s retired, his dream of moving out of State is becoming more of a reality.  Thank goodness he listened to me when telling him at the time that if he took care of his new home, it would take care of him.  Well, he did and he’s now going to reap the rewards for doing so because as chance would have it, I had a buyer looking for just that type and price range of home.  Before the sun set this evening, it was already under contract and it appears everyone involved is happy about it.

I’m thinking our market this years is going see more of a shortage in the middle to lower priced homes to where anything that’s listed in those ranges are going to sell as long as they’re relatively clean and maintenance free.  I think more of the first-time buyers are now getting away from those homes that’ve been “tricked out” by flippers due to some of the horror stories that’ve been floating around on the information highway.  I’ve personally seen some pretty bad ones recently and still in disbelief they actually sold.

There’ve been instances this past year where I’ve read a few sellers disclosures that’ve mentioned there being no water problems in their basements, and yet when personally inspecting them, I could see there’d been water issues in the past which the sellers tried to cover up.  I’m not speaking about a once or twice problem from when we had flooding, but rather those chronic issues that take place nearly every time we get a little extra rain.  One particular sellers disclosure was filled out by a seller who’s always played the part of the “champion for right”, but the bold-faced lie saying there were never any water issues certainly illuminated that person’s real core which is was one more confirmation those evil double standards are still alive and well in our world.

I’m going to be getting a nice 3 bedroom ranch home listed tomorrow which is located at  807 – 5th St. SE here in Mason City.  Besides being in a very much sought after neighborhood, the home offers newer steel siding, an attached garage, freshly painted interior, and much more.  It’ll be priced at $69,900 which is well under what most homes in that neighborhood go for, but because it’s in need of some cosmetics, we priced it accordingly.

A home I recently sold that’s a near carbon copy of it which was on the market a very short period of time, sold for $90K, but it had all the cosmetics already done.  When considering that $20K difference, a person could make all the improvements they want and still not be afraid of over-improving that home.   I do hope it sells as fast as today’s did which will make for me a great first half of January.

Certainly you must remember me speaking about all the younger and some older people who’re plugged into something nearly their entire waking hours, well I happened to read an article today which greatly concerns me.  According to recent research, scientists are finding that the human brain was not meant to be stressed to such limits with all the multi-tasking it’s being subjected to on a daily basis.  It sounds like the long-term effect of having one’s mind on over-load, is what they’ve now branded as being “temporal exhaustion”.

There’s no question this is happening because I personally know people who are on those fast tracks, and I’ve discovered they’re developing pockets of blank memories.  It seems as time goes on, I’m finding all the more exceptionally intelligent people having completely forgotten about something that was said to them to the point they actually couldn’t remember, even when walking with them thru a phone conversation or meeting at the time.  I’m wondering if this temporal exhaustion is creating random microscopic holes in memories similar to what a block of swiss cheese looks like.

I’m of the believe we all must start taking brain breaks along with lessening the amounts of multi-tasking we’re performing on a daily basis.  Just remember, a beautiful mind is something we mustn’t ever abuse.

The above photo is the exterior of the home I sold today. Hooray for my one day!

Tonight’s one-liner is:  Life is thickly sown with thorns, and I know no other remedy than to pass thru them because the longer we dwell on our misfortunes, the greater is their power to harm us.

Joe Chodur

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