Strong, Stately, and Enduring

Fortunately I managed to get up to Lake Mills and then over to Northwood this morning in a timely fashion to where I made it back to Mason City just about the hour I’d expected.

My first stop was at a client of mine where I picked her up and drove to the historic Lutheran Church where she’s a member.  Some time ago I asked her if it would be possible to see its interior only because of how stately it appeared whenever I happened to be in the downtown of Lake Mills.  I was sure to take my camera with me because I suspected its interior would be worthy of a few photos.

Without a doubt, I would say Salem Lutheran Church in Lake Mills is likely the most beautiful church in all North Iowa.  Whomever designed and built it back around the turn of the century were masters of design and appeal.  My client likely thought me possessed considering the number of photos I took.  I would never have believed it unless I’d seen it with my own eyes.

The Lutherans in Lake Mills should be eternally grateful for having such a beautiful house of worship in their community.  I mentioned to my client that attending services in her church on a weekly basis would be the highlight of a person’s week.

My client was good enough to take me to the Pastor’s office and introduce me to him.  I was impressed by how friendly he was and willing to share a few thoughts regarding the exodus of our younger crowd from many of our main-line communities of faith.  I mentioned that I may be attending his Services on occasion which prompted him to say with a wide smile, “You’ll always be welcome.”

Not only did the copious amounts of wood in their church impress me, but also their stunning stained glass windows, and believe me, some of them were massive.  Another feature I found noteworthy, was the descending “grade” of the pews and aisles which provided far better views of the Sanctuary–sort of like an amphitheater’s effect.

Since I was on a mission to get over to Northwood before the lunch hour, I made haste to get there before an office I needed to visit would be closed.  While driving from Lake Mills to Northwood, I almost forgot about Diamond Jo’s Casino being at one of the main highway intersections.  Silly me thought I was approaching Northwood when noticing a blue water tower in the distance.

I had an appointment to list 725 N. Washington Ave. here in Mason City this afternoon which went very well.  The owners listed it at $119,500 which is a bargain price considering the amount of square-footage it has, the number of bedrooms, and all the recent updates that’ve been made.  Of course I’m a push-over for quarter-sawn oak of which it has an abundance.  I could hear its striking open oak staircase ever so quietly whispering to me, “Please decorate me for Christmas!”.  Now that’s a tailor-made home for a growing family.  Anyone who’s into natural light, that home has oodles of it.  And to top it all off, the basement isn’t scary and the walk-up attic is a perfect place to store seasonals.  There’s a double garage out back, and just across the street is a daycare. Because it’s a strong, stately, and enduring home, I consider it to be on the caliber of homes which I tell buyers, “If you take care of it, it will always take care of you.”

I’m hoping the weather will be kind to me tomorrow afternoon while at my public open house located at 689 – 15th St. SE.  Now that the price has dropped, I’m confident it’ll get sold more sooner than later to a first-time buyer who’ll appreciate it.

The above photo is just one of the many I took inside Salem Lutheran Church in Lake Mills today, and the title of tonight’s journal page is befitting of their church as well.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  As far as accomplishments, I just did what I had to do as things came along.

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725 N. Washington Ave. Mason City 689 – 15th St. SE Mason City
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